Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Prayer Coordinators

Mainline churches are among the most well organized institutions in America. However, when it comes to prayer, there is often no plan, no leadership, no goals, no recruitment efforts and no training. We just hope that people are praying. There is good news. Prayer can be organized just like any other ministry.

A key to successful organization of prayer ministry in the local church is the prayer coordinator. Someone other than the pastor must spend prayer, creative energy and time making prayer a priority in the church.

Renewal Ministries is committed to helping prayer coordinators by providing them with fresh new materials, ideas and a way to communicate with one another. You may now use our Message Board to contact Pastors, Prayer Coordinators, and others from around the world. You may share ideas and discuss ways to improve your ministry. Please sign in here or above at the Message Board link and share your experiences.

For a look at the products available click the Store link here or at the top of the page. You can find out more about organizing prayer ministry in Blueprint for the House of Prayer.


If you are a Prayer Coordinator or if your church has a prayer coordinator, please register using the Register link here, or in the left menu bar.

Responsibilities of a Prayer Coordinator

1. Identify key people and enlist their support.
2. Gather a wide array of resources regarding prayer.
3. Research the church's/city's current prayer ministries.
4. Help develop and oversee the implementation of the plan.
5. Involve others in leadership roles.
6. Develop an information network.
7. Work closely with pastors and leaders to receive prayer, vision and guidance.
8. Encourage prayer involvement beyond the local church.

Qualifications of a Prayer Coordinator

1. Strong personal prayer life.
2. Spiritual maturity.
3. Gifts to organize, encourage, lead and communicate.
4. Good reputation in their home congregation and confidence of church leaders.
5. Enough free time to attend key prayer events.
6. Not a pastor.

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