Saturday, August 19, 2006

Top 30 List from Major Prayer Publishing House

You already know about our quality magazines: Discipleship Journal, Pray!, and PrayKids!. But are you aware that NavPress Periodicals currently has 113 other great prayer and discipleship resources available?

Here's a list of our 30 best-selling resources from the past 60 days. Check them out. You might find just the prayer and discipleship tools that you or your church have been looking for!

1. Prayer on Fire (Pray! Books)
2. The Prayer-Saturated Church (Pray! Books + CD)
3. Bookmark Prayer Card Sampler Packs
4. 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Kids (Prayer Cards)
5. Fresh Encounters (Pray! Books)
6. PrayKids! Teacher's Guide (PrayKids!)
7. The Pray! Prayer Journal (Pray! Books)
8. Discipleship Journal's Best Small-Group Ideas, Volume 1
9. Lord, Teach Us to Pray (Pray! Books/Bible Study)
10. Life-Giving Prayers for Your Church (Prayer Cards)
11. Beating Busyness (DJ Bible Study)
12. Discipleship Journal's Anthology * Issues 1-120, WORDsearch version (CD-ROM)
13. Nurturing a Passion for Prayer (DJ Bible Study)
14. Prayer Quest (Pray! Books/Bible Study)
15. 31 Ways to Praise (Prayer Cards)
16. Scripture-Based Prayers to Pray for Your Pastor (Prayer Cards)
17. Prayers for Our Military and Their Families (Prayer Cards)
18. Scriptural Blessings to Pray for Your Children (Prayer Cards)
19. Building Better Relationships (DJ Bible Study)
20. PrayKids! Basic Training Kit (PrayKids!)
21. Youth Ministry on Your Knees (Pray! Books)
22. PrayKids! Going Deeper Kit (PrayKids!)
23. My House Shall Be a House of Prayer (Pray! Books)
24. Discipleship Journal's Best Small-Group Ideas, Volume 2
25. Paths of Gold (Pray! Books/Booklet)
26. Personal Prayers\n from Colossians (Prayer Cards)
27. PrayKids! Issue #17�The Holy Spirit (PrayKids!)
28. Prayers of Hope and Wholeness for the Seriously Ill (Prayer Cards)
29. The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan
30. Discipleship Journal's Anthologyc * Issues 1-120, Logos version (CD-ROM)

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Nick said...

WE are using the PrayKids! materials with our grade school kids and finding it to be a rich investment in the lives of our kids. More than that, it is transforming me and our leaders because there is significant content addressing the spiritual readiness that each leader must war through to be prepared spiritually before teaching and shepherding.

In fact, I am preparing for tomorrow using magazine #13 SEEKING GOD and am finding it to be an area that God is working with me on.

Anonymous said...

'Dear Heart of Jeseus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask for this special one (mention it). Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it within Your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then,in His merciful eyes,it will become your favour, not mine.'

Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favour will b granted. Never known to fail. Richard, Laois.