Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do You Have A Theology of Prayer?

Note: This is the book many prayer leaders and praying pastors have been waiting for - A biblical study of prayer that provides a foundation for all the practical books and ideas we so quickly gravitate toward...

Knocking on Heaven's Door

David Crump begins this work by relating some specific, difficult, and yet familiar instances where prayer seems to raise more questions than it answers. From a young child who dies despite prayer to asking God for a specific sign to the fear that a lack of faith is the cause of requests left unfulfilled, Crump tackles head-on the complex and thorny topic of petitionary prayer. Through a comprehensive exploration of the relevant New Testament passages, Crump seeks to develop a normative theology of petitionary prayer. Thorough yet accessible this book successfully achieves the rare combination of substantive theology and exegesis with immense practical, pastoral, and personal applications.

Graham H. Twelftree (Regent University) says, "The church and praying people need this balanced book. David Crump faces the intensely practical problem of unanswered prayer. In this theologically informed and intellectually rigorous, as well as pastorally sensitive, treatment, Crump shows that the New Testament has laid down the boundaries for our praying: God is personal, willing to be changed, and we are changed by prayer. Also, while our praying arises in this life, its priorities and values are dictated by the next. In this deeply challenging and well-written book that has satisfying answers, all readers will find help in praying to a good God who can both be seen in our suffering and answer in the miraculous."

Bruce N. Fisk (Westmont College) says, "With an openness to mystery, an eye for the important, and a passion for detail, David Crump has written a reliable guide to the prayer world of Jesus and the earliest Christians. What does it mean to pray in faith or to address God as Father? Why would Jesus liken God to a sleepy householder or an indifferent bureaucrat? From puzzling parables to the Lord's Prayer, from Jesus's cry in Gethsemane to Paul's thorn in the flesh, Crump wends thoughtfully through every New Testament passage on prayer, telling stories and offering sage counsel as he goes. If for you praying is like breathing, don't bother with this book. For the rest of us, 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' may well be an answer to prayer."===>Click headline to access website . . .

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