Friday, July 21, 2006

Prayer Pilgrimages Are Booming

Just Pray?

By Leanne Dzubinski

Often, when North Americans visit Europe, they see beautiful scenery and magnificent architecture but not the deep spiritual needs. Participate in a prayer journey, though, and you’ll begin to see Europe differently.

Prayer pilgrimages are booming as Christians come to realize how the Holy SPirit intensifies cross-cultural missions engagements. North American who travel to Europe watch prayer overcome roadblocks and unit hearts and minds in such supernatural ways that they experience nothing short of faith on steroids. They return with a new set of assumptions. these spirit-filled journeys inspire local sending churches long after the trips are over.

“Prayer journeys are a way to join European workers with Greater Europe Mission’s (GEM) North American constituency,” says Mike Elwood, director of GEM’s IN STEP Initiative. “We long to give intercessors a taste of Europe. It is our fervent hope that those who come for prayer journeys will return to their home churches and communicate their passion for Europe.”

My husband, Paul, and I serve with GEM in Spain. We were so blessed when a prayer team recently came to Barcelona. We took the team to our church, and to strategic points in the city. We gave them information on churches, believers, cults, obstacles to evangelism, society in general—anything to help them understand the needs here. And in each case, we prayed.

They would meet a pastor, ask for prayer requests, and then spend time praying with and for him. They did the same with missionaries. Then, if time permitted, the team would take them to lunch or coffee and continue to get to know them. But the main focus was always prayer.

The impact on the national workers was tremendous. Too often visitors come and want to tell them what to do. This time, people asked about their lives and struggles and then prayed for them. It created goodwill and bonding like I have never seen in such short visits.

We can’t do it all ourselves; our job is to motivate, equip, and encourage national believers to reach those around them—people to whom we will never have access. Strengthening the believers here helps us toward that goal.

Those who participated have stayed in touch and continue to pray from home. One person wrote, “Thanks for making our trip to Spain a true blessing. It was very meaningful. Looking back, there was more to cover in prayer, but time d
Linkidn’t permit. Wish it could have been a few days more.”

This is a fabulous ministry and one I would like to see become more widespread! For more information about GEM prayer journeys, contact Richard Beckham at 1.800.436.4488 or

{Article used by permission from Eurpoe Toady, (Vol. 2, Issue 1) }

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