Monday, June 05, 2006

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Imagine Conference 2006 Resources

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Main Sessions

Welcome Session ~ Daniel Henderson
Main Session I ~ Bob Bakke
Main Session II ~ John Armstrong
Main Session III ~ Daniel Henderson
Main Session IV ~ Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Meal Session ~ Bob Bakke
Meal Session ~ Dennis Fuqua
Meal Session ~ Cheryl Sacks
Meal Session ~ Byron Paulus
Meal Session ~ John Armstrong
Meal Session ~ Bernie Anderson

TRACK Workshops:

Track 1 – The Abiding Pastor
Five-Fold Strategy for Long-Term Congregational Revival - Daniel Henderson
10 Myths Pastors Believe About Prayer -Daniel Henderson
New Lenses - Sean Randall
The Vision and Process of Congregational Prayer Summits - Dennis Fuqua

Track 2 – The Christ-Dependant Church
Motivating Men to Pray - Joe Walsh
Watchman on the Wall - Ginny Kisling
Leading Dynamic Prayer Meetings - Phil Miglioratti
Hindrances to Revival - Byron Paulus

Track 3 – Igniting the Heart of the Church
Five-Fold Strategy for Long-Term Congregational Revival - Daniel Henderson
Praying for Revival - Byron Paulus
New Lenses - Sean Randall
Dealing with the Eight Deadly Thoughts… - John Armstrong

Track 4 – Without Ceasing…
Praying without Ceasing - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Fueled by Faith - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
The Relational Nature of Prayer - Dennis Fuqua
Praying Scripture - Dann Bryant

Track 5 – Daily Renewal
How to Pray for One Hour - Phil Miglioratti
Write it Down - Alice Moss
Experiencing the Power of the Blood of Christ - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Incorporating God's Plan into Your Daily Walk - Daniel Henderson

Track 6 – The Emerging Generation
Anticipation-Filled Prayer - Jake Larson
New Lenses - Sean Randall
Unleashed - Sean Randall

Track 7 – The Prayer-Saturated Church
Becoming a Prayer Champion - Phil Miglioratti
The Prayer-Saturated Church, Part I - Cheryl Sacks
The Prayer-Saturated Church, Part II - Cheryl Sacks

Track 8 – As For Me and My House…
Pure Hearts, Pure Homes - Bernie Anderson
Praying with/for Your Husband - Lisa Papararo
Praying for Your Wife - Bernie Anderson
Praying for Your Children - Joe and Tina Pursch

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