Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Empowered Journal Now Available @ PrayerLeader.com

Empowered is about equipping pastors and prayer leaders with the tools to do their ministries well. In this section you will find “how tos,” inspiring stories of churches who expanded their level of prayer in an area, and valuable resources to help you make prayer more foundational to every aspect of your church.

Empowered was originally the name for the quarterly journal of the old National Association of Local Church Prayer Leaders (the forerunner to the Church Prayer Leaders Network). Next, when Pray! magazine owned NALCPL/CPLN, it included Empowered as a six-page section in the magazine. When CPLN came to its new home under Jon Graf and Harvest Prayer Ministries, Empowered stayed in Pray!, but CPLN leadership puts each issue together for Pray!.

This section includes the past issues of Empowered . . . and more. Pray! has to edit material to fit a magazine format, which often forces them to remove valuable information. We include here, our version of Empowered . . . and more. A number of the issues you click on include additional articles and ideas that was not originally published in Pray!.

We hope Empowered is a blessing to you!

Note: The first five issues—the original NALCPL journal--are included as pdf files. Any phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses associated with NALCPL are no longer valid. Also, many of the resources advertised in these issues are either no longer available (such as the NALCPL Starter Kit) or are now higher priced. Finally, you will notice that some issues of Empowered are missing—that there is a time gap between the early issues and the rest. This is for two reasons:

1. The original journal ceased publication about a year before NALCPL went to Pray!
2. From September 2003 (the first time it appeared in Pray!) through July 2005, Empowered articles were under different contracts that did not include rights for us to post on our website. We are in the process of gaining permission from authors to include their material. We will post these issues when we have garnered that permission.

Available Issues:

Inaugural Issue
Pray Locally, Network Strategically, Impact Eternity

July 2001
The Local Church Prayer Leader: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Fall 2001
Pastor’s Prayer Shield

Winter 2002
If You Build It, He Will Come: Creating Prayer Rooms in Your Church to Meet with God

Fall 2002
How to Pray Effectively for the Lost

September 2005
Increasing Prayer Participation

November 2005
The Senior Pastor’s Role as Prayer Champion

January 2006
Developing a Prayer Room in Your Church

March 2006
Developing a Prayer Team

May 2006
Spiritual Cleansing a Church
  • Spiritual Cleansing a Church (5 items)
  • Maintaining a Prayer Team (5 items)
  • Developing a Prayer Room in Your Church (4 items)
  • The Senior Pastor’s Role as Prayer Champion (5 items)
  • Increasing Prayer Participation (5 items)

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