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NEW Resource ~ Trains Team and Church Members

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VanLove 06-4-46


A 40-Day Devotional for Deepening Your Prayer Life

Alvin VanderGriend

Published by: Alvin J. VanderGriend, 2003, 87 pp.

Purchase from Harvest Prayer Ministries,

VanderGriend is the Prayer-Evangelism Associate for Harvest Prayer Ministries and co-founder of the Denominational Prayer Leaders’ Network. He is author of the Praying Church Sourcebook and several other books. I particularly appreciated working through this very practical, down-to-earth prayer guide. Each day consists of a two-page spread beginning with a Scripture passage and commentary, questions for reflection, and suggestions for prayer and action. This would make a great gift book.

“Prayer is the talking part of a relationship with God.” (8)

“Prayer starts with God.” “God is the initiator. He moves us to pray. He gives us prayer ideas. He holds out the promises we claim in prayer. When we pray, we are God’s instruments.” (10) “If prayer starts with God, then the first order of business as we learn to pray is to learn to listen to God’s whispers, to tune our hearts to him, to respond to his promptings.” (11)

“Sin hinders prayer.” “We are shut out from God when we cherish sin because God is holy and cannot tolerate sin in his presence.” “Forgiven sinners are welcome in God’s presence.” The first requirement of prayer, then, is to confess anything in your heart that is not of God.” (18) “We can’t have the privilege of prayer without purity of heart.” (19)

“Not only does sin hinder prayer; prayer hinders sin.” “Is there any area of your life about which you are uneasy before God? Risk taking a closer look at it. You may find a ‘cherished’ sin.” (19)

“Faith is a second requirement of true prayer. Prayers without faith are incomplete.” “Faith is not simply a possession. It’s an aspect of relationship.” “Praying in faith is not an inner conviction that God will act according to our desires if only we believe hard enough. It involves believing that God will always respond to our prayer in accord with his nature, his purposes, and his promises.” (20)

“When you ask a person for something in good faith, you don’t ask for something the person would not be willing to give.” “Similarly, if you truly know God, you will only ask for what is in accord with his will and not for anything that is purely selfish.” (21)

“By offering to let us pray in his name…Jesus is demonstrating great trust in us. He is trusting that his honor and his interests are safe in our hands.” (24)

“By prayer we direct God’s grace and power to strategic locations where it is needed.” (24)

“Ask for anything you need in order to accomplish God’s will in your life and in your world.” (25)

“His Father-heart leaps for joy when we come asking.” “…t is okay to request God’s blessings for ourselves.” “Petitionary prayer connects our needs to God’s generosity. The Bible is full of it.” (28) “Jesus stands ready to meet us, no matter what our need may be.” (29)

“The ‘good gifts’ Jesus has in mind [Mt 7:9-11] are the spiritual blessings of grace, wisdom, joy, peace, power, holiness, and so on.” (30)

“God doesn’t promise to give us anything and everything we ask for. (I Jn 5:14-15) But he does make an astonishing promise to prayer-ers that is even better. He promises to give us whatever we ask that is ‘according to his will.’” (32)

“Someone has suggested that God answers prayer in the following five ways:

· ‘Yes! I thought you would never ask.’

· ‘Yes! But not yet.’

· ‘No! I love you too much.’

· ‘Yes! But different from your thoughts.’

· ‘Yes! But more than you ever hoed or dreamed.’” (36)

“One more possible answer..: ‘No! Not until you deal with that sin you are holding on to.’” (37)

“Our confidence is not in prayer; it is in god.” (37)

“Intercession is not optional. It is a necessary and important part of God’s way of working. Things will happen when we pray that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t prayed.” (40)

“Prayer is essentially a relationship that begins with God.” “When you pray, are you aware of meeting a real person—a thinking, feeling, willing, acting, talking, listening God?” (48-9)

“Praying continually…means that we live all of our hours and days so conscious of God that we are actually, at one level or another, keeping company with him always.” “Praying continually means sharing our thoughts with God.” (50)

“When we pray, it’s probably more important to listen than to speak. After all, God has far more to say than you or I do. Before rushing into God’s presence with your thoughts and needs, be attentive to what God is trying to tell you. Hearing God also means a readiness to obey.” (52)

“A disciplined daily devotional life is not optional for a growing Christian.” “You don’t build a love relationship by staying way from the other person. Love relationships are built by spending time together.” (56)

Regarding The Lord’s Prayer, “What may be most surprising about the first three petitions is that God wants us to pray about concerns that focus on him. God is perfectly capable of hallowing his name, advancing his kingdom, and enforcing his will without our asking him to do so. But God chooses to operate in response to our prayers. So much is this so that he asks us to pray for these, his greatest concerns,…” “That makes our prayers tremendously important.” (58)

“‘Your Kingdom come’ is a prayer for God to establish his reign in people’s hearts and mind. ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ asks God to help people submit to his will as willingly and completely as the angels in heaven do.” (59)

“The best way to use a model prayer is to take the core idea in each petition and to expand upon it.” (59)

Paul’s intercessory requests in Col 1:9-12 are all spiritual in nature. In Paul’s praying the spiritual blessings overshadow the physical. (62)

“The greatest need of the Ephesian Christians was to know God better.” (Eph 1:17-19) (64)

“If someone wrote a brief history of your life, would prayer be a prominent theme in it? (69)

“The power of prayer is not in the person or in the words of the prayer. All the power in prayer is God’s power released through prayer.” (72)

“Is there something that God wants to accomplish through your prayer? Why not ask him—earnestly and persistently—and watch for the results.” (73)

“I used to think that confession was the most grievous and unpleasant of all the elements of prayer. From David, who found forgiveness through prayer, I have come [to] see that it is the most satisfying, the most hopeful, and the most freeing of all prayers. Don’t let confession get you down. The truth is, real confession will lift you up like nothing else will.” (77)

“What a surprising arrangement—God partnering with human beings to accomplish his purposes!” (78)

David Mays, ACMC

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Empowered Journal Now Available @

Empowered is about equipping pastors and prayer leaders with the tools to do their ministries well. In this section you will find “how tos,” inspiring stories of churches who expanded their level of prayer in an area, and valuable resources to help you make prayer more foundational to every aspect of your church.

Empowered was originally the name for the quarterly journal of the old National Association of Local Church Prayer Leaders (the forerunner to the Church Prayer Leaders Network). Next, when Pray! magazine owned NALCPL/CPLN, it included Empowered as a six-page section in the magazine. When CPLN came to its new home under Jon Graf and Harvest Prayer Ministries, Empowered stayed in Pray!, but CPLN leadership puts each issue together for Pray!.

This section includes the past issues of Empowered . . . and more. Pray! has to edit material to fit a magazine format, which often forces them to remove valuable information. We include here, our version of Empowered . . . and more. A number of the issues you click on include additional articles and ideas that was not originally published in Pray!.

We hope Empowered is a blessing to you!

Note: The first five issues—the original NALCPL journal--are included as pdf files. Any phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses associated with NALCPL are no longer valid. Also, many of the resources advertised in these issues are either no longer available (such as the NALCPL Starter Kit) or are now higher priced. Finally, you will notice that some issues of Empowered are missing—that there is a time gap between the early issues and the rest. This is for two reasons:

1. The original journal ceased publication about a year before NALCPL went to Pray!
2. From September 2003 (the first time it appeared in Pray!) through July 2005, Empowered articles were under different contracts that did not include rights for us to post on our website. We are in the process of gaining permission from authors to include their material. We will post these issues when we have garnered that permission.

Available Issues:

Inaugural Issue
Pray Locally, Network Strategically, Impact Eternity

July 2001
The Local Church Prayer Leader: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Fall 2001
Pastor’s Prayer Shield

Winter 2002
If You Build It, He Will Come: Creating Prayer Rooms in Your Church to Meet with God

Fall 2002
How to Pray Effectively for the Lost

September 2005
Increasing Prayer Participation

November 2005
The Senior Pastor’s Role as Prayer Champion

January 2006
Developing a Prayer Room in Your Church

March 2006
Developing a Prayer Team

May 2006
Spiritual Cleansing a Church
  • Spiritual Cleansing a Church (5 items)
  • Maintaining a Prayer Team (5 items)
  • Developing a Prayer Room in Your Church (4 items)
  • The Senior Pastor’s Role as Prayer Champion (5 items)
  • Increasing Prayer Participation (5 items)

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Prayer Leader Online Interview: Regional Prayer

Prayerleader Online Header

Prayer Leader Online interviewed Steve Loopstra, the executive director of Prayer Transformation Ministries, a Minneapolis-based regional prayer ministry.

Q. Steve, explain the vision of Prayer Transformation Ministries.
The vision of Prayer Transformation Ministries is to serve the church and the prayer movement by teaching, encouraging, supporting, and developing prayer on a personal, church, citywide and national level with the goal of seeing genuine, measurable transformation throughout every area of society. We very simply are all about prayer for and prayer toward transformation.

Q. In your experience, what is the most important skill prayer leaders need to develop as they seek to build a prayer culture throughout their congregation?
One of the most challenging aspects of being a prayer leader, I believe, is to develop the skill of learning to listen to what the heart of the Lord is for your particular congregation. Jeremiah 23:18 states: "But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? Who has listened and heard His word?" The picture of this verse is someone who has developed the ability to spend extended periods of time in intimate consultation with the Lord, to hear with understanding and discernment, and to obey what he or she hears. Our culture would have us look for "programs" or "best practices" that we shop around for and then try to implement in our churches. I am convinced that the Lord who is the Head of the church has a heart and a plan for every congregation. As we see in Revelation 2 and 3, we just need to learn to spend enough time in intimate consultation [with Him] hearing and learning what His heart is for our congregation that is unique to us. There are certainly scriptural principles that we must also pay attention to. That simply means that we must develop the ability to know the ways of God. As George Otis, Jr. says, "If you want to know where God is going, follow His footsteps."

Q. Talk about the balance prayer leaders must maintain between growing their own prayer life, being trained, and working toward growth in the prayer life of the congregation by providing training opportunities.
Of course, the reality is that we are all “in process." That is why humility is so important to the Lord. It can be a genuine trap for a prayer leader to think that he has somehow reached a level where he can coast because he is leading others. That is a terrible place to be. We must be continually striving and seeking the face of God for ourselves. It is really that passion and hunger that will be the greatest lesson that other people will catch. All the other things flow out of our passion for Him. So we need to be careful to balance the "techniques" we learn and teach with an ever-growing, vibrant striving for more in our own lives.

Beware if you find yourself becoming a prayer technician. Part of this process, then, is to deliberately expose ourselves to those from whom we can learn, to ways of praying that are different from ours. We are to be watchmen of what God is doing in the world around us.

Q. The prayer leader’s relationship with the pastor is critical. What can a prayer leader do to establish a healthy relationship with the pastor?
One of the biggest issues between prayer leaders and pastors is the issue of trust. Your pastor needs to know that he or she can trust you. That means trust in the area of dealing with confidential issues. It has to do with the area of trust of the pastors' leadership. It means developing a relationship where the pastor can trust that the prayer leader isn't coming to them as the "prophet of God" with the infallible "word of the Lord." The prayer leader must always be a person under submission to authority. Many a relationship between prayer leader and pastor has been injured because the prayer leader thought that somehow they needed to make sure that what they thought they heard from the Lord needed to be implemented, no matter what. This is an area where we need to learn our area of authority, and where that ends. If the Lord gives us a word, we need to know the right timing and even IF we are to share it. Then, if we are convinced after much prayer, that we are to share it, that is where our area of responsibility ends. From that point on, it is the area of the pastor’s responsibility as to what he/she does with it. This gets back to the character traits that are so important of humility and brokenness.

Q. Have you observed a mistake or misunderstanding many prayer leaders fail to see in their own ministry?
You mean after taking the plank out of my own eye? Well, again, I think that one of the biggest mistakes we make is that tendency toward seeing our ministry, or what we believe God has spoken to us, as being "the center of the universe." I like to think of [the body of Christ] as an orchestra. An orchestra is made up of many instruments. Each person in the orchestra has been playing his own instrument for years, loves it, and knows the particular music that instrument makes. Each musician practices daily, and secretly wishes everyone played his particular instrument. You can play a great trumpet, violin, or clarinet solo, but if you want to play Handle's Messiah, that takes an orchestra. There are brass, string and percussion sections, and in each of those sections there is first chair, second chair, etc. There are times when one section plays when everyone else is silent. It doesn't mean one section or instrument is better than the other. It's [not all about individuals, it’s all about the group] to the Conductor. All that to say that we should not see ourselves more highly that we really are. This also means that local congregation prayer leaders need to be seeking ways to work together with other congregations in their cities to lift up prayer over their region.

Q. 2004 has been designated as a “Year of Prayer for Pastors.” You have provided significant leadership to this initiative. What has motivated your involvement? What are you hoping will be accomplished? How does this initiative assist the work of prayer leaders?
I guess my passion for the Year of Prayer for Pastors really comes out of my own 21 years of being a pastor, and understanding the pressures and demands that are a part of being true to that calling. My heart breaks for the thankless job of so many pastors who don't have the assurance that there are those who selflessly, faithfully pray for them no matter what. I would hope in some small degree, that as a result of this year of prayer, there would be individuals and churches that would continue to pray for their pastors as a lifestyle long after 2004 is over. I also pray there would be pastors out there who would be able to walk into the years ahead with a bit more strength and confidence knowing that they have people who pray for them, and seeing answers to those prayers in their lives and the lives of their families. I trust this Year of Prayer for Pastors can be an encouragement to prayer leaders in local congregations to remember, in the midst of all the struggles they face in implementing prayer, that the first priority is to pray fervently and regularly for their pastors.

Q. Tell us about the Twin Cities Church Prayer Coordinators Network. How does it function? How does it benefit prayer leaders? How can a city or region begin a similar network?
Our Church Prayer Coordinators Network is designed to be a place of encouragement and strengthen for those on the front lines who try to lift up and implement prayer in their congregations. We meet quarterly on a Saturday, from 9:30 to 11:00 am. We make available the latest resources that can help them in their ministry, give them opportunity to network with prayer leaders from other churches and encourage them with a time of teaching and vision-casting. I am, myself, a prayer leader in a local congregation. I can relate to the frustrations and challenges that we all face in this arena. I can't tell you how many times someone who was at the point of giving up attended one of our meetings and met someone who spoke into their lives at just the right point, with just the right words to send them back strengthened to keep on.

The way to start in your city or region is really to begin to call churches and find out who those prayer leaders are. They may not have that title, and will most likely be under the radar screen of the majority of people, but if you ask who champions prayer in their church, there will usually be a name that comes forward. Find a time to gather them together to meet and pray for one another. Set a regular time to meet. Then, and this is important, communicate with the pastors so that they know what is going on, and don't feel left out of the communications here. Ask for their blessing and help.

Q. Steve, write a prayer we can pray along with you that petitions the Lord on behalf of the men and women who serve our congregations in prayer.
Our loving Father, we know that prayer is so close to Your heart. The Lord Jesus modeled a lifestyle of prayer for all the ages. Prayer is our intimacy link with You. It is the way You have chosen to move Your hand in answer to the prayers of Your people. Yet too few in our churches understand that. Thank You, Father, for each one You have called to be a champion of prayer in their local congregations. Some, Lord, have never received any recognition or even a word of thanks, but they continue to be faithful to those things that You have placed in their hearts. We pray that You, the God of all grace, would even right now, speak that word of encouragement to them. We pray that You would keep them from the attacks of the enemy who would seek to have them just give up and quit. Grant to them a strength to keep at it that only comes from You. Give them a growing, intimate, and vital relationship with You that will enable them to hear what is on Your heart for their congregations, and for their cities. We pray that You would give them favor with their pastors and congregations. Grant to them a spirit of humility and service and let others see Your heart for prayer in their lifestyle and attitudes in such a way that it will be infectious to others. And we pray, Lord for a mighty movement of Your Spirit in prayer all across our nation that will bring a society transforming revival to our country. Keep us all faithful, fervent and hungry until the day You answer our prayers. And then when You do, we will make sure that You get all the glory and the praise, because, Lord, we acknowledge that it is really all about You. We pray these things in Jesus Name. Amen.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Musical Integrates Prayer & Praise

Somebody's Praying Me Through
A Celebration of God's Power Through Praying People

Created by Karla Worley & Gary Rhodes
Arranged & Orchestrated by Gary Rhodes
Voicing: SATB
Release Date: Dec-2003
Length: Approx. 55:00

Production notes and Prayer Guide Devotional available at

Inspired by Allen Asbury’s Doxology Records song “Somebody’s Praying Me Through,” Gary Rhodes and Karla Worley’s musical of the same title helps you create a heart-felt interactive musical prayer and worship event for the whole church. Somebody’s Praying Me Through is a powerful multi-media production that combines song with visual testimonies that lead the congregation to be in awe of how God works through prayer.

The DVD accompaniment features brief clips of a variety of well-known Christian leaders including President George W. Bush, Pastor Jim Cymbala and Christian aid workers Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry, along with clips of lay people sharing their testimonies and thoughts on prayer. Flexible presentation options include opportunities for personal prayer testimonies from your own congregation, and the arrangements of "Made Me Glad," "Hear Our Praises," and "Calling Out to You" gives your congregation the opportunity to participate in worship. One of the new songs written especially for this musical, “Pray for Me” includes your children’s choir in a section on praying for your family.

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Stack-O-Books > 4 Recent Releases

Praying the Ten Commandments
Cleddie Keith

Have you ever thought why we should celebrate the Ten Commandments? What does the Ten Commandments and prayer have in common? Cleddie Keith lifts the Ten Commandments out of their natural habitat as a legal document and presents them as powerful truths that will motivate the believer towards prayer.

How to Pray When You Don't Know What to Say
More Than 50 Ways to Approach God
Elmer Tonws

It's time to take your prayer life out of the box.
Perhaps you've gotten pretty good at asking, thanking and seeking forgiveness when you pray. (Or maybe you haven't.) But did you know there are dozens of other biblical models for prayer? For example, praying without words, praying with a partner, meditating and intercessory prayer. And what about your nagging questions? Is there a right way to pray? Is God always listening?

This is a breakthrough book for students, parents, pastors, new believers, long-time prayer warriors, or anyone who may be in a prayer rut or drought.

There's no guilt trip here. This book will take you on a journey of discovery that will blow the doors off your prayer life. And the rest of your life will never be the same.

Never be distracted or frustrated with your quiet time again. Get excited about meeting with God. And don't miss the chapters on praying in times of doubt, prayers for healing and warfare prayer.

book cover
Learning to Pray Through the Psalms
James W. Sire

Weariness. Wonder. Joy. Longing. Anger.

These are the feelings of the Psalms: honest expressions of pain and joy penned by real people in the midst of real life circumstances. Though they were written centuries ago, the Psalms still resonate deeply with us today, giving voice to our thoughts and longings:

"Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD." (Psalm 130:1)

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." (Psalm 46:1)

"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." (Psalm 84:2)

In Learning to Pray Through the Psalms, James W. Sire teaches us to take our appreciation for this rich book of Scripture a step further. Choosing ten specific psalms, Sire offers background information that helps us read each one with deeper insight and then lays out a meditative, step-by-step approach to using the psalmists' words as a guide for our own personal conversation with God. A group study is also included in each chapter, along with a guide for praying through the psalm in community.

The Lord loves when his people pray. And his Word is a powerful tool for framing honest, intimate prayers. Sire's innovative approach will enrich our minds and our souls as we read more perceptively and pray with all of our emotions.

Praying with Purpose
A 25-Day Journey to an Empowered Prayer Life
Stephen Rummage; Michele Henderson Rummage

Using Scripture passages, applications, and a prayer guide, Praying with Purpose is a five-week study designed to teach believers how to pray without ceasing. Perfect for church use, small groups, or individual study.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

52 Week Online Prayer Training Course

52 week Online School of Prayer!

Do you want a more effective and fulfilling prayer life? Did you know there are keys to answered prayer? Now, for the first time we are pleased to offer you our 52-week online course. Imagine receiving a unique lesson on prayer each week in your email inbox for a whole year!

You'll never need to leave home to attend a class.

And you'll pay NO enrollment fee.

We will teach you how to have a fulfilling quiet time; how to experience intimacy with God through prayer; and the dynamics of effective spiritual warfare prayer. It will be our joy to personally mentor you.

Our goal: "To mentor 100,000 people to pray more effectively this year!"

Lessons include:

  • Learn how to pray your friends and family to Christ
  • The characteristics of prayer
  • How your spiritual gifts effect the way you pray
  • Prayer as intercession
  • Praying prayers that God hears and answers
  • Our motives for praying
  • Knowing God's ways for us
  • Hearing God's voice
  • Overcoming the hurdles; silence; loss of desire; no answers
  • A meaningful quiet time
  • Receiving revelation from God and knowing what to do with it
  • Empowering our prayer
  • Fasting and prayer
  • Intimate throne room prayer
  • Learn how to pray your friends and family to Christ!
  • Spiritual warfare prayer, and more
  • And a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Protocol for Inter-Denominational Prayer Gatherings

The following Code of Conduct is a non-offensive way to enable people from diverse backgrounds to pray together. Modify for your particular setting . . .


Spiritual Code of Conduct

One of the goals of PrayerQuake is to provide a venue for the greater bodyof Christ to come together in a setting that honors both Christ and one another. With this in mind, please note the following guidelines set forth forall participants:

The multicultural and religious traditions of each participant and speaker will greatly influence the spiritual atmosphere of PrayerQuake. For this reason, our foremost priority must be to focus on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to walk in an attitude of love (1 Corinthians 13) and humility (Philippians 2:1-18). We must endeavor to “keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 2:1-6).

We desire that you feel a complete freedom to worship our Lord during PrayerQuake. Feel free to sit, stand, raise your hands, kneel or demonstrate any other biblical expression of worship. We ask that you be sensitive to the diversity of religious Christian traditions represented at PrayerQuake by avoiding drawing attention to yourself—keeping all activities both in word and deed on Scriptural foundations (1 Corinthians 14:40). If your natural style of worship is highly expressive, or if you normally practice a prayer language, please be considerate of those around you whose belief or practice may be different, so as not to distract or offend your brother. We intend for each style of worship or prayer to have equal acceptance, “with all things being done in decency and in order.” We are confident that all attending PrayerQuake will conduct themselves in a spirit of humility, regarding one another more important than themselves (Philippians

2:3,4). Our spirituality is not measured by our spiritual giftedness or our doctrinal understanding but in our LOVE expressed toward one another. In all things love is patient, kind, is always forgiving and forbearing (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

If at any time during the conference you believe the Holy Spirit has inspired you with “a word” (1 Corinthians 14:3) that may apply for the entire conference, please present it in writing with scriptural references (if possible) to one of the members of the Pastoral Host Team seated in the first or second row in front of the reserved seating. The Team will prayerfully consider the appropriateness and timing for any public presentation. “All this leads to peace and order of which God is the author.” (1 Corinthians 14:26-33). Ref: The Expositor’s Bible Commentary F. E. Gaebelein.

If you are praying in a small group or in the prayer room, be sensitive in the length of your prayers, allowing everyone the opportunity to pray. Keep your prayers vertical or Godward, refraining from horizontal prayers that counsel, teach or correct. Let us seek to focus upon the Lord Jesus Christ and to edify one another in love.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Guidelines for a Local Church Prayer Ministry

Vision Focused—We will mobilize people to pray for those things that keep RMCC, its people and Christians around the world vibrant in the faith. We will pray for spiritual renewal and growth, sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit, the unsaved and special works of the Holy Spirit, that result in the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom minded—We will join with other Christians in special prayer movements for various national and international concerns, and to bring the whole of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Spirit directed—We will seek to foster prayer orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, both in terms of when it occurs and of what is articulated to God in prayer.

Spiritually vital—We will seek to manage our prayer ministries in a way that they do not become stale, routine, or institutionalized. This means they will be seasonal, have an element of spontaneity, and will be subject to change as He leads.

Worship-based—We will seek to teach and to train our church in worship-based prayer for both personal and corporate prayer times.

Crisis inclusive—We will have a means of communicating to a group of intercessors special prayer needs that will arise from within our congregation and a means of communicating to those in crisis that they are being faithfully supported in prayer.

Need sensitive—We will have a means of gathering prayer concerns from our church members and a team of people in place who pray for those concerns.

Ministry supportive—We will encourage each ministry of the church to mobilize people to pray for the various activities of that ministry so that all things are carried out prayerfully.

Confidential—Our prayer ministry will be managed so that confidences are maintained and prayer does not become a means of gossip, slander, or being "in the know".

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Workshop Training Creates Uncommon Prayer Adventure

Hi Phil,

Well, I presented An Uncommon Prayer Adventure using the elements you had taught (at the Imagine Conference===>Click headline to access audio of that workshop).

It was very helpful to have them, I pretty much used them as you had taught them. I explained to everyone the elements we would be using and how we would put them into practice. We focused on praising God. I would silently listen to the Holy Spirit and then quietly direct the people through each element. Then I watched in amazement as the Holy Spirit moved in the people's hearts. Songs were pouring out, scripture was read, testimonies were given.

My favorite part was being still before the Lord. I have done this with others before, but only with experienced intercessors. This was a mixed group and it was wonderful to see how the Lord spoke to several in the group and tied what He said to each of them together as one cohesive message. We were not a large group, but it was powerful!

Thanks again for the teaching and for the use of the name. I will be using this often! Blessings,
Darlene Schmeckpeper
Avalon Community Church Prayer Coordinator
Catalina Island, CA

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Monday, June 05, 2006

RESOURCE: Surf to this Website

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RESOURCE: CD & DVDs to Disciple Your Team in Prayer

Imagine Conference 2006 Resources

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Main Sessions

Welcome Session ~ Daniel Henderson
Main Session I ~ Bob Bakke
Main Session II ~ John Armstrong
Main Session III ~ Daniel Henderson
Main Session IV ~ Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Meal Session ~ Bob Bakke
Meal Session ~ Dennis Fuqua
Meal Session ~ Cheryl Sacks
Meal Session ~ Byron Paulus
Meal Session ~ John Armstrong
Meal Session ~ Bernie Anderson

TRACK Workshops:

Track 1 – The Abiding Pastor
Five-Fold Strategy for Long-Term Congregational Revival - Daniel Henderson
10 Myths Pastors Believe About Prayer -Daniel Henderson
New Lenses - Sean Randall
The Vision and Process of Congregational Prayer Summits - Dennis Fuqua

Track 2 – The Christ-Dependant Church
Motivating Men to Pray - Joe Walsh
Watchman on the Wall - Ginny Kisling
Leading Dynamic Prayer Meetings - Phil Miglioratti
Hindrances to Revival - Byron Paulus

Track 3 – Igniting the Heart of the Church
Five-Fold Strategy for Long-Term Congregational Revival - Daniel Henderson
Praying for Revival - Byron Paulus
New Lenses - Sean Randall
Dealing with the Eight Deadly Thoughts… - John Armstrong

Track 4 – Without Ceasing…
Praying without Ceasing - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Fueled by Faith - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
The Relational Nature of Prayer - Dennis Fuqua
Praying Scripture - Dann Bryant

Track 5 – Daily Renewal
How to Pray for One Hour - Phil Miglioratti
Write it Down - Alice Moss
Experiencing the Power of the Blood of Christ - Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Incorporating God's Plan into Your Daily Walk - Daniel Henderson

Track 6 – The Emerging Generation
Anticipation-Filled Prayer - Jake Larson
New Lenses - Sean Randall
Unleashed - Sean Randall

Track 7 – The Prayer-Saturated Church
Becoming a Prayer Champion - Phil Miglioratti
The Prayer-Saturated Church, Part I - Cheryl Sacks
The Prayer-Saturated Church, Part II - Cheryl Sacks

Track 8 – As For Me and My House…
Pure Hearts, Pure Homes - Bernie Anderson
Praying with/for Your Husband - Lisa Papararo
Praying for Your Wife - Bernie Anderson
Praying for Your Children - Joe and Tina Pursch

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Quote, Unquote

Prayer isn't some kind of requirement for believers.
It is a privilege!

Christa Kinde

Quoted by Doug and Connie Wright
Grandparents for Kids
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

RESOURCE: Emergency Phone #s Bulletin Insert

Bulletin Insert

Counseling 'Phone Numbers'
By A Anonymous

All calls are free of charge. Isn't that great!


When in sorrow, .......................................... call John 14.
When men fail you, ...................................... call Lamentations 3:17-26.
If you want to be fruitful, John 15.
When you have sinned, ................................ call Psalm 51.
When you worry, ........................................ call Matthew 6:19-34.
When you are in danger, .............................. call Psalm 91.
When God seems far away, ......................... call Psalm 139.
When your faith needs stirring, ..................... call Hebrews 11.
When you are lonely and fearful, .................. call Psalm 23.
When you grow bitter and critical, ................ call 1st Corinthians 13.
For Paul's secret to happiness,...................... call Colossians 3:12-17.
For understanding of Christianity, ................. call II Corinthians 5:15-21.
When you feel down and out, ....................... call Romans 8:31-39.
When you want peace and rest, .................... call Matthew 11:25-30.
When the world seems bigger than God, ....... call Psalm 90.
When you want Christian assurance, ............. call Romans 8:1-30.
When you leave home for labor or travel, ...... call Psalm 121.
When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, ... call Psalm 67.
For a great opportunity, ................................ call Isaiah 55.
When you want courage for a task, Joshua 1.
For how to get along with fellow men, ........... call Romans 12.
When you think of investments and returns,.... call Mark 10.
If you are depressed, .................................... call Psalm 27.
If your pocketbook is empty, ........................ call Psalm 37.
If you are losing confidence in people, ........... call 1st Corinthians 13.
If people seem unkind, .................................. call John 15.
If discouraged about your work, ................... call Psalm 126.

If you find the world growing small and yourself great, Psalm 9.

Alternate numbers:

For dealing with fear, ................................... call Psalm 34:7.
For security, ................................................ call Hebrews 6:13-20
For assurance, ............................................ call 1 John 5:9-15.
For reassurance, ......................................... call Psalm 145:18.

Emergency numbers may be dialed direct. No operator assistance is necessary. All lines to Heaven are open 24 hours a day!

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