Thursday, May 18, 2006

RESOURCE: A Prayer for Global Day of Prayer

I serve on the steering committee of the Global Day of Prayer (Pentecost Sunday) and was asked to do a devotion. This is what came to me.

Father in Heaven, pour out your grace on all of us – as you did a century ago, a generation ago.
Do it again, now! Take our breath away! Overwhelm us with your love for us! Transform our hearts, till they beat as one with yours.

Draw us so close to you, that we forget about being right, or holding onto what is ours, or not forgiving what we must forgive.

In that breathtaking intimacy with you, show us each wicked way that takes us away from you – the ones we know displease you, (and the ones we won’t even discuss with you).

Grace us to turn from them now, forever, Blood-washed and forgiven. Lead us to forgive those we think do not deserve it, and to let go the memory of what they did, that we might experience the forgiveness from you that we do not deserve.

And forgive us, the hurts we have done to others – those they cannot forget, and we have long-forgotten. When our hearts are truly broken and contrite, fill our cups so full of your love, they overflow!

And we become conduits of your love to all who have less than we do. Teach us to give freely of our time and treasure, again and again, with each outpouring of your love.

And Father, grant that as we seek your face, in abject humility and poverty of spirit, we will find it – and know the Peace of Christ, which passes all understanding.

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