Monday, May 15, 2006

RESOURCE: Articles on Prayer from Pray California

Articles on Prayer by Topic...

Citywide Prayer
Articles that will assist you in the call to transform your city.

Congregational Prayer
Articles that will assist you in growing a prayer ministry in your local church.

Articles to encourage your faith walk.

Family Prayer
Articles to encourage your family in prayer.

Articles relating to various components of prayer.

Intimacy with God
Articles to encourage you in growing closer to God.


Articles that encourage you as a pastor/prayer leader.

Marketplace Prayer

Articles to encourage your activation of prayer in your job.

Personal Prayer & Growth
Articles to encourage the development of a lifestyle of prayer.

Prayer and Social Action
Articles that encourage you to turn your prayers into action.

Prayer Strategies & Models
Articles that give you ideas towards various prayer models and action steps.

Unity & Reconciliation

Articles to encourage unity and healing.

Articles that focus on worship and prayer.

Articles that don’t seem to fit under the other categories!

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