Thursday, May 25, 2006

RESOURCE: 4 Books for Youth Prayer

The passion in the prayer movement is among the young generations. Here are four resources that may help you understand how they connect in prayer . . .

40-Day Revolution : A Strategy to Impact Your World for Christ
by Richard Mull
For teens—it's more than just a devotional; it's a strategy for change!
Thousands of teens across the country have accepted the 40-Day Revolution challenge, and they have witnessed incredible results. Can you imagine starting a prayer meeting with just two people that turns into a daily prayer time with over a hundred people—in just one week? Or your principal breaking down in tears and asking you for prayer?

Youth Ministry on Your Knees
Mentoring and Mobilizing Young People to Pray
by Mike Higgs
Nationally-recognized youth ministry consultant Mike Higgs shares a wealth
of practical and proven youth prayer ideas drawn from almost 30 years of experience. He encourages youth ministry workers with his analysis of the “rapidly growing number of youth who are fast becoming a runaway freight train within the prayer movement.”

by Tony Jones
Learning how to pray biblically: How Does Prayer Work? Praying with the Patriarchs ... the Psalmists ... the Prophets ... Jesus ... the Apostles ...
the Ancient, Medievel, Modern Church ... 5 Exercises in Prayer

Read. Think. Pray. Live.
A Guide to Reading the Bible in a New Way
by Tony Jones
Like arts or sports, faith takes practice.
See how a contemplative, ancient discipline can help your modern walk with God. If you want to know Jesus and what He’s all about, you’ve got to know how to do these four things—read, think, pray, live. It’s how your faith can grow. Lectio divina, or sacred reading, is a time-tested method used by believers to experience God in a personal and real way.
Tailored for students, this book teaches you how to engage your faith. Learning from a method of contemplative study that has worked for hundreds of years, you’ll find yourself challenged and encouraged to get to know God in brand new ways.

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