Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Incorporating Prayer Into the Worship Service

Pastor Phil will teach a workshop on how to incorproate prayer into a Sunday/Weekend worship service at the 2006 PrayerQuake ===>Click headline for more details . . .

Two books that might assist you @ Baker Books

The Complete Worship Service: Creating a Taste of Heaven on Earth
Kevin J. Navarro

People want a taste of heaven. Here's how your church can satisfy this longing.

In The Complete Worship Service, experienced worship leader and pastor Kevin Navarro shows you how to create a complete worship service by implementing a four-part pattern of worship: longing for, preparing for, experiencing, and talking about a taste of heaven. Recognizing worship as a form of hospitality, Navarro shares practical considerations and ideas to help you make all the elements work together, from greeting guests to using music to teaching the Word. The Complete Worship Service can help you build a church that experiences God's presence and welcomes others to the celebration.

The Complete Worship Leader Kevin J. Navarro

The Complete Worship Leader
provides a holistic, biblical view of worship leading as drawing people into God's presence through the use of all the senses in worship, not just through song leading. It addresses four basic elements crucial to becoming an effective worship leader: theology, discipleship, artistry, and leadership. This book also considers the dynamics of building and leading a worship team and the place of technology in today's worship.

Whether you are a pastor, music director, or worship leader, you will benefit from this simple yet thorough discussion on what it means to lead the body of Christ into a genuine experience of worship.

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