Saturday, May 13, 2006

Impacting Children & Their Schools

Twenty two years ago, God stirred one mom's heart to call together other mothers to pray for their children and school. It is a testimony to this unique calling, praying four steps of prayer in one accord for one hour each week, that Moms In Touch has remained the same ever since. Our newly worded mission statement sums up the heart of the ministry in thirteen words.

We will continue to look to our mission statement to guide us as we seek to have every school in the world prayed for. Knowing our focus will help each of us as we share this purpose with others. Thank you for helping us call moms to pray!

If you already have our Leaders Guide, this change affects page v. You may download the replacement page from our website ===>Click headline . . . If you do not have the Leaders Guide, this is an incredibly helpful resource, which you can order online at I encourage you to have one for your personal use, as well as to help you in leading your group.

Another Leaders Guide page that was updated in January 2006, is 5.13, the USA Leadership Chart. You may download it also by using the following hyperlink: . Both of these pages are located in the Group Leaders Corner of the website.

May God mightily bless you as you impact children and schools by gathering to pray,

Janice Oldham
Executive Director, Moms In Touch International

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