Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Global Day of Prayer News

On Pentecost, more than 200 million Christians from almost every country will unite in prayer for Christ's glory and the transformation of the nations. A live broadcast and thousands of public venue gatherings are being planned in large stadiums, churches, small auditoriums or homes. Many in your community will be taking part.

Join or organize a Pentecost gathering on June 4.
Find out how you can be part of a scheduled gathering in your community or help to plan one, at Find even more about what's taking place in other countries at

If you are planning to pray with us during this worldwide event but haven't ordered your prayer guides or posters yet, then I have good news for you.

First, due to our limited supply of prayer guides, we can guarantee that there will be sufficient prayer guides if you place your order by May 17.

Secondly, for a limited time we're offering a 50% discount on posters. These 11” x 17” posters can be easily customized with your local event information.

To order the Ten-Day Prayer Guide Prayer Guides or Posters, visit To take advantage of the 50% discount on posters, enter the coupon code: GDOP77 (expires Wed, May 17)
Pray along with the Ten-Day Prayer Guide May 25 - June 4.
It's more than a one-day event. Following the example of the first ten-day prayer gathering in the upper room leading to the first Pentecost, a prayer guide has been designed to help align and focus the prayers of people all over the world from May 25 - June 4.

In North America, the Ten-Day Prayer Guide is available at a low cost for wide distribution. It includes biblical prayer ideas for each of the ten days in a simple 16-page pamphlet. The low cost (as low as 15 cents a copy when ordered in quantities) makes it easy to distribute. Order any quantity online at You can also view this entire guide online.

Yours in hope, Steve Hawthorne, Director, WayMakers
Austin, Texas
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