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RESOURCE - How to Mobilize Intercessors

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Doug Small is known throughout the nation as a strategic leader of prayer leaders. His newly released book, Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer provides a foundational theology and a biblical philosophy for pastors and church members who have a passion to saturate their congregation with prayer.

Doug has graciously given me permission to post the entire fifth chapter from the book on this blog. Mobilizing intercessors is a strategic step for every prayer ministry regardless of its size, shape or style.


•What is Intercession?
Our definition for intercession must not begin with us or with the activity of interceding itself. It must begin with Christ – the ultimate intercessor. . .

•The Focus of Intercession
The highest call of intercession is prayer for the lost, for those not yet reconciled to God through his Son, to come to Christ! By extension, the role of intercessor is one standing between - between Christ and others in need . . .

•The Power of Intercession
Seventy years ago, Norway was no spiritual Eden. Thorlief Holmglad was pastor of a downtown church. His custodian met him as he stepped from the pulpit one depressing morning. “There is going to be a revival in this church!” he optimistically declared . . .

•The Characteristics of an Intercessor

•The Qualifying of An Intercessor

•The Process of Mobilizing Intercessors
Imagine a congregation beginning a music and choir ministry – and paying no attention to the gifted and talented musicians in the congregation. If you want a music ministry, you have to identify and train your musicians. If you want a praying church, you have to identify and train your intercessors. These are the first steps toward the launch of a prayer ministry. Five things need to be done with intercessors . . .

•The Intercessor’s Commitment

•Some Intercessor Do and Don’ts

•Engaging Intercessors

•Pastoral Prayer Support

•Moving Beyond the Church to the City with Intercession

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