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Uncommon Prayer Formats: Revival & Reconciliation

--->Note: The followjg material is from George P Kern who produces the Central Florida prayer Wall. Use each section as a segment focus. Include a song (or more) and scripture to prompt supplication. Below, find an explantion of each section and a sample request from Central Florida.

•Revival in the Church:
We are not seeking any specific outward experience or type of meeting but an inward change of heart among the Christians here in Central Florida. However God wants to accomplish it, we are asking for a lot more love, commitment, compassion, joy, etc. to be seen in the lives of believers.

Pray that Believers would repent from “besetting” or “entangling” sins (Heb 12:1). Pray that we would get serious about pursuing holiness and that we would seek God for His strength and His strategies to walk in victory in those areas of our lives where we have struggles. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about strategies for victory in the areas that you struggle.

•Reconciliation – we know we are one in Christ, but do we demonstrate that with our actions and attitudes? Let’s pray for a real reconciliation whereby walls come down between denominations, races, cultures, generations and economic class. Jesus prayed in John 17:23, “That they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them…”. Reconciliation leading to unity blesses the heart of God but also witnesses of a living and loving God to the lost. It takes the whole Church to reach the whole city.

Pray for racial reconciliation. Ask the Lord to give us His eyes of compassion that we can begin to see the unique challenges that come with each particular skin color, so we can better understand each other. May we also come to value our differences as expressions of God’s creativity and plan, yet see that we are all of equal worth and value in the Kingdom.

•Reformation of Society:
The face and heart of our city must be transformed for us to be the city God wants us to be, to fulfill God’s redemptive purposes for our city. As the Church is being revived and reconciled we must not hide behind the walls of our churches and homes. We must become influences for good at all levels of society, taking both God’s love and His holiness with us.

Christian business men and Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty have taken the lead in bringing the Purpose Driven Life outreach to our area (over 500 churches have also come on board). Praise and thank God that He is in the process of transforming the business and political areas!

Reaching the Lost:
We need to keep at the forefront of our minds one of the main reasons for revival, reconciliation and reformation of society. It is not just so we can all get along or have more people who think like us. When God is moving IN the Church He usually moves the Church OUT to bring IN the harvest. Jesus gave us the ministry of reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5: 18,19 - “Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation”. We need to support in prayer the city-wide evangelism initiatives the Lord raises up to bring in the harvest in our area.

Continue to pray for the citywide Purpose Driven Life outreach that starts the week of February 12th. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send forth more small group facilitators into the harvest fields. Also pray and intercede for the tens of thousands who God is drawing into these groups – unsaved, backslidden, wounded, etc. For more info or to sign up to lead a group, go to or call 407-894-4282.

...About The Central Florida Prayer Wall
What would God do in Central Florida if every hour of every day He could find someone praying for our area? What if, throughout the month, those prayers were in agreement with the prayers of hundreds of others across denominational and racial lines? The answer is nothing less than a total transformation of our city by the power of God! That is the goal of the Central Florida Prayer Wall.
The Lord gave an initial vision for the Prayer Wall which you can review on our web site ( Within the framework of that vision we seek to serve the needs and visions of participating organizations to mobilize prayer for the city.
Participating churches and ministries have committed to cover the prayer points in some fashion on the day(s) they signed up for. What form does that take? Some groups use the prayer themes as a general framework for a prayer meeting, adding additional prayer points as the Lord leads for that meeting. Others have a Prayer Wall segment of their meeting. Each group is also encouraged to expand the vision and move toward 24 hour prayer on their day. This prayer calendar is copied and distributed to people who pray individually for the prayer points. If 24 people each take a different hour then the whole day is covered. If a group is moving toward 24 hour coverage a corporate meeting is not required but the synergy between individuals praying then coming together to pray for the same topics in a unified group is very powerful. Participating groups are encouraged to submit suggestions for prayer topics and any other aspect of the Wall. Please do so, it makes the Wall stronger!

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