Thursday, February 23, 2006

RESOURCE - A Breath of Fresh Prayer

•How can FreshPrayer help me/my prayer group?
FreshPrayer is a prayer guide that can help you, and those you pray with and serve, to stay focused on the prayer mission God has called you and your praying friends to accomplish on behalf of those who aren't yet following Christ.

•How do I access FreshPrayer?
To view and print FreshPrayer, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, which is available to you at no cost on our website.

•How do I get Fresh Prayer every month?
We provide a free e-mail notification. ===>Click headline to access . . .

•How much does it cost?
FreshPrayer is free every month.

•How can I use Fresh Prayer?
Use FreshPrayer as a tool to pray for family members, neighbors or co-workers who aren't yet following your personal devotions, and in any prayer group, Lighthouse group or home-church group.

•What about having copies on hand for others?
You have our permission to photocopy FreshPrayer for your friends or your entire church family. We only ask that you reproduce the entire content of each issue you use, exactly as you find it, and that you not post FreshPrayer on a web site without obtaining our permission in advance.

•Recent issues:
-For the voice of Christ to raise the dead (John 5)
-For God's faithfulness to fulfill His call (1 Thessalonians 5)
-For the crucified Christ to be known (1 Corinthians 1 and 2)
-For Jesus to be welcomed as Savior (Psalm 118)
-To come to the Father through Jesus (John 14)
-With Christ's amazing patience (1 Timothy 1)
-Hearing, learning, & following Jesus (Ephesians 4)
-For a flourishing, fearless life (Jeremiah 17)
-For God's hand to move many at once (Acts 11)
-For those who are sinned against (1 Peter 2)
-For the Shepherd to bring them home (1 Peter 2)
-For the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8)
-For whole families to return to God (Jeremiah 24)
-Every place for every person (1 Timothy 2)

You can also register for a very brief reminder by e-mail. The once-a-month e-mail message will tell you the topic and the scripture passage. Sign up for a monthly reminder so that at least once a month you can get a breath of FreshPrayer.

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