Friday, February 17, 2006

Prayer-A-Gram Notes Demise of Tele-Gram

Wanted you to hear this story of the ongoing reality and relevance of prayer over modern technology.


The news February 5 read, “Western Union announced the telegram was being discontinued. From now on, if you want to get a message to someone, you’ll have to find another way.”

Time now for the “rest of the story.” It began in 1968 when two men developed a similar plan of communication. Called “Prayer-A-Gram” the small single sheet stationary was designed to send as a reminder that one person had prayed for another. These prayer notes immediately caught on and were ordered, written and mailed by the thousands. They were sent by faithful prayer warriors to missionaries over seas, the sick in hospitals and at home, as well as prayer encouragement to pastors and church leaders. They appeared where ever prayers had been given on behalf of those in need.

The year after the Prayer-A-Gram was first made available, a small not for profit was formed in Ft Wayne, IN known as the Prayer-A-Gram Foundation Inc. An attorney volunteered assistance to the newly formed ministry. He submitted an application to the US Trademark Department, requesting their approval for the name.

After a number of weeks, the reply was received. “No!” It seems a corporation named Western Union had contested the application. Their position claimed this new communication name would deter from the “quality” of their product. The small ministry did not have funds to answer the mega corporation.

Now, 28 years later, the telegram is extinct. What about the Prayer-A-gram that threatened the communication giant? Since it’s inception over three and a half million prayer notes have been ordered and mailed to prayer warriors the world over. Millions have been encouraged, hearing that someone prayed and took the time to send a note, letting them know.

The prayer notes are available from Harvest Prayer in Terre Haute, IN ===>Click headline to aceess . . Click on right sidebar: Prayer Reosurce Center.

We offer our regrets to Western Union.
Bob Yawberg and Charles Branum were the founders of Prayer-A-Grams.


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