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New E-Magazine for Intercessors

incenseRising: a magazine for intercessors

The new year always brings fresh opportunity to review and refocus...

•confessions of a closet pray-er
Much has been said about the need for intercessors to develop solid relationships with their pastors— relationships based on mutual trust, wholehearted support, and understanding and appreciation of authority. As intercessors, our first allegiance beyond the Lord, should be to our pastor whose vision for the church must become our first prayer priority. It takes time to develop the essentials of a dynamic, kingdom-building connection.
But not much is said about the pitfalls of building that type of a relationship between pastor and intercessor of the opposite sex.
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•intercession: with or without words
Gary P. Bergel
“Prayer is not something I do, prayer is something I am.” –Warren W. Wiersbe

Have you noticed how wordy and loud some parts of the prayer movement have become? You might also have noticed the other end of the Christian prayer spectrum. Believers from many traditions are now “sitting at the feet of Jesus,” returning to the practice of silence and solitude. Some even engage in formal contemplative prayer. Christian pray-ers and intercessors now span a scale ranging from passionate protracted intercession and loud proclamations, to holy silence and meditation. Which is “correct?” What really makes for effective intercession?
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•prayer at the altar of incense
Ted Haggard
We (can look) at the Tabernacle in the book of Exodus as a progression on how to approach God. The first thing in the outer court is the Bronze Altar that highlights for us the need for repentance of our sins and the Blood of Jesus that covers us. Then we come to a Basin (in the outer court). The Basin highlights the necessity of being water baptized and the necessity of being (filled with) the Holy Spirit. As we capitalize on the power that is available to us through the Blood of Jesus and the (indwelling) Holy Spirit, we are confronted with a curtain—the curtain is the entrance to the Holy Place.
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•the dream of God
Martha Kilpatrick God's unchanging move (part 2)
A Priesthood Loyal to God

Aaron alone stood with God, and chose GOD’S side
against the golden calf idol.
The tribe of Levi rose to slay their brothers and family.
Such terrible loyalty! Such costly priesthood!

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•what the Spirit is saying to the church
our readers share what they hear in His presence
This is your section--your opportunity to share what you hear in the prayer closet that would interest/benefit the body of Christ.

From Sharon Manning, Ellicott, Colorado: Don't seek for what God has given another. Do not expect Him to reveal Himself to you the way He does to others. He loves you where you are, as you are and treats you and each of His children individually. The important thing is to find out His heart and love what He loves, desire what He desires for you and then He will be able to use you as a vessel of honor to do His will.
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•the secret place
ideas, meditations and resources to help you connect with God's heart
We would love to have you share ideas, thoughts or resources that enhance your worship/prayer experience, drawing you closer to the heart of God. To contribute, click here.

“Passion, I was to learn, (was key)—passion for God and passion for God’s purposes in transforming peoples and nations go hand in hand. Consider the wise words of John Piper: ‘When the flame of worship burns with the heat of God’s true worth, the light of missions will shine to the most remote peoples on earth. Where passion for God is weak, the zeal for missions will be weak.’

“Passion was written all over David’s Tabernacle and everything else about Davidic worship. The white-hot flame of worship never went out during David’s watch. If the spirit of David’s Tabernacle is to be restored globally, then that flame will surely spread, igniting a passion for God’s presence everywhere.

“Consider some of the songs David sang to the Lord. We know them as psalms. They are wildly passionate. David sings, “My whole being will exclaim, ‘Who is like you, O Lord?” (Ps. 35:10)

“How does one’s whole being exalt God? This was clearly David’s desire and he pursued it with a passion.

“On another occasion David demonstrated this passion when he sang, ‘Passion for your house burns within me’ (Ps. 69:9, NLT). Here, again, we find an expression of David’s desire for intimacy with the Father. David is a man obsessed and absolutely abandoned to God.

“Many centuries later Madame Guyon would describe such a person: ‘Our Lord is very jealous over any saint who is utterly abandoned to Him. He does not let that believer have any pleasures at all outside of Himself.’”

--Dick Eastman, Pathways of Delight, © 2002 Regal.

incenseRising * Vol. 2, No. 1 | January/February 2006
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Gary Bergel, Contributing Editor
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