Thursday, February 23, 2006

RESOURCE - A Breath of Fresh Prayer

•How can FreshPrayer help me/my prayer group?
FreshPrayer is a prayer guide that can help you, and those you pray with and serve, to stay focused on the prayer mission God has called you and your praying friends to accomplish on behalf of those who aren't yet following Christ.

•How do I access FreshPrayer?
To view and print FreshPrayer, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, which is available to you at no cost on our website.

•How do I get Fresh Prayer every month?
We provide a free e-mail notification. ===>Click headline to access . . .

•How much does it cost?
FreshPrayer is free every month.

•How can I use Fresh Prayer?
Use FreshPrayer as a tool to pray for family members, neighbors or co-workers who aren't yet following your personal devotions, and in any prayer group, Lighthouse group or home-church group.

•What about having copies on hand for others?
You have our permission to photocopy FreshPrayer for your friends or your entire church family. We only ask that you reproduce the entire content of each issue you use, exactly as you find it, and that you not post FreshPrayer on a web site without obtaining our permission in advance.

•Recent issues:
-For the voice of Christ to raise the dead (John 5)
-For God's faithfulness to fulfill His call (1 Thessalonians 5)
-For the crucified Christ to be known (1 Corinthians 1 and 2)
-For Jesus to be welcomed as Savior (Psalm 118)
-To come to the Father through Jesus (John 14)
-With Christ's amazing patience (1 Timothy 1)
-Hearing, learning, & following Jesus (Ephesians 4)
-For a flourishing, fearless life (Jeremiah 17)
-For God's hand to move many at once (Acts 11)
-For those who are sinned against (1 Peter 2)
-For the Shepherd to bring them home (1 Peter 2)
-For the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8)
-For whole families to return to God (Jeremiah 24)
-Every place for every person (1 Timothy 2)

You can also register for a very brief reminder by e-mail. The once-a-month e-mail message will tell you the topic and the scripture passage. Sign up for a monthly reminder so that at least once a month you can get a breath of FreshPrayer.

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Motivating without Guilt

The WayMakers website has loads of proven ideas to help you stimulate people to pray with life-giving joy and biblical hope using Seek God For The City 2006.

1. How to mobilize people to pray for their community (without piling them with guilt).

2. Remind people without pestering them. Use bulletin inserts and other promotional ideas.

3. Encourage families to pray together using the children's companion version.

4. Consider a Palm Sunday theme throughout the season. Explore some message ideas for Palm Sunday.

5. It's not too late to get more copies. Shipping can be quick and not that costly. Call us at 800-264-5214.

WayMakers, P O Box 203131, Austin, TX 78720
512 419 7729

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Creative Ways to Infuse Worship With Prayer

Creative Ways to Infuse Your Worship Service with Prayer

Pastor, whatever style of worship your church practices, prayer should be a vital element. Phil Miglioratti of the National Pastors Prayer Network (and IBSA Prayer Ministries) offers sixteen simple and practical ideas for adding prayer to any worship service. ===>Click headline to access . . .

And, if you need help teaching your leaders to pray in public, check out this article with five actions to avoid and four actions to include in public prayer. I've added a complimentary one-page PDF download you may copy and distribute to your leaders called, "How to Pray in Public." ===>Access at:

Craig Webb, Editor, Pastors Today
===>For free subscription, click headline then click on Newsletters (left sidebar)

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Prayer-A-Gram Notes Demise of Tele-Gram

Wanted you to hear this story of the ongoing reality and relevance of prayer over modern technology.


The news February 5 read, “Western Union announced the telegram was being discontinued. From now on, if you want to get a message to someone, you’ll have to find another way.”

Time now for the “rest of the story.” It began in 1968 when two men developed a similar plan of communication. Called “Prayer-A-Gram” the small single sheet stationary was designed to send as a reminder that one person had prayed for another. These prayer notes immediately caught on and were ordered, written and mailed by the thousands. They were sent by faithful prayer warriors to missionaries over seas, the sick in hospitals and at home, as well as prayer encouragement to pastors and church leaders. They appeared where ever prayers had been given on behalf of those in need.

The year after the Prayer-A-Gram was first made available, a small not for profit was formed in Ft Wayne, IN known as the Prayer-A-Gram Foundation Inc. An attorney volunteered assistance to the newly formed ministry. He submitted an application to the US Trademark Department, requesting their approval for the name.

After a number of weeks, the reply was received. “No!” It seems a corporation named Western Union had contested the application. Their position claimed this new communication name would deter from the “quality” of their product. The small ministry did not have funds to answer the mega corporation.

Now, 28 years later, the telegram is extinct. What about the Prayer-A-gram that threatened the communication giant? Since it’s inception over three and a half million prayer notes have been ordered and mailed to prayer warriors the world over. Millions have been encouraged, hearing that someone prayed and took the time to send a note, letting them know.

The prayer notes are available from Harvest Prayer in Terre Haute, IN ===>Click headline to aceess . . Click on right sidebar: Prayer Reosurce Center.

We offer our regrets to Western Union.
Bob Yawberg and Charles Branum were the founders of Prayer-A-Grams.


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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Prayer Guide for Children

You’re going to want to take a look at the children’s companion version of Seek God For The City 2006. It’s free to download, print and photocopy for the kids and families of your church. Go to to see it.

It’s all contained in seven parts, to hand out weekly or all at once. The first issue is designed to distribute on Sunday, February 26.

Each week introduces the weekly theme in a way that 5 to 11 year-old children will grasp and appreciate. Each day directs the user to look up a verse in the New Testament (the same verse that appears in the Seek God For The City booklet) and a prayer that most children will find easy to read and to pray.

Imagine parents having another way to pray with their children. It’s another way to pray together as an entire church family. There are some tested ideas for using this resource at

This is the first of six updates that will help you promote and use Seek God For The City 2006. Next update: Involving inmates in united prayer.
Stephanie Tucker, WayMakers
P O Box 203131, Austin, TX 78720

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Praying Backwards ~ The Way Upward & Forward!

I usually wait until I have completed my reading of a book before recommending it - But - This time, waiting serves no good purpose!

Like many books on prayer, "Praying Backwards" takes a biblical and practical look at the core issues of praying in God's will, the prayer of faith, persisting while waiting or weary, praying with boldness. The "a-ha" of Chapell's new book is his paradigm rattling explanation of what it truly means to pray in jesus' name.

"Why wait for the end of a prayer to tag on Jesus' name?"

"To pray backwards means we back away from making ourselves, our wishes, or our wants the primary concerns of our prayer. We always put the purposes of Jesus first. We also echo in heart if not in actual-words the attitude of the psalmist who prayed, 'Not to us O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory' (Psalm 115:1)."

Chapell challenges us to review and revise our praying by asking thew question:
"How would your prayer change if you began where you normally end?"

A good read for every leader of prayer, their pastor and their prayer team.

Phil Miglioratti

===>Click headline to access website for more information or to order . .

Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus' Name
Author: Bryan Chapell
Edition: Paperback
Price: 12.99

"In Jesus' Name, Amen."
Like the closing credits of a movie, these familiar words provide a signal that a prayer has come to an end. But what does it mean to offer our prayers in Jesus' name? Though we say the words, do we really mean them? And how would the content and character of our prayers change if we did?

Praying Backwards introduces believers to the transforming process of beginning our prayers in Jesus' name--not by moving a simple phrase, but by understanding and embracing the meaning behind the phrase. To truly pray in Jesus' name is to reorder our priorities in prayer--and in life--away from ourselves and toward Jesus and his kingdom. It is to pray, "Not my will, but your will be done." It is to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently. If you want to revolutionize your prayer life, begin by Praying Backwards.

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New E-Magazine for Intercessors

incenseRising: a magazine for intercessors

The new year always brings fresh opportunity to review and refocus...

•confessions of a closet pray-er
Much has been said about the need for intercessors to develop solid relationships with their pastors— relationships based on mutual trust, wholehearted support, and understanding and appreciation of authority. As intercessors, our first allegiance beyond the Lord, should be to our pastor whose vision for the church must become our first prayer priority. It takes time to develop the essentials of a dynamic, kingdom-building connection.
But not much is said about the pitfalls of building that type of a relationship between pastor and intercessor of the opposite sex.
Read on...

•intercession: with or without words
Gary P. Bergel
“Prayer is not something I do, prayer is something I am.” –Warren W. Wiersbe

Have you noticed how wordy and loud some parts of the prayer movement have become? You might also have noticed the other end of the Christian prayer spectrum. Believers from many traditions are now “sitting at the feet of Jesus,” returning to the practice of silence and solitude. Some even engage in formal contemplative prayer. Christian pray-ers and intercessors now span a scale ranging from passionate protracted intercession and loud proclamations, to holy silence and meditation. Which is “correct?” What really makes for effective intercession?
Read on...

•prayer at the altar of incense
Ted Haggard
We (can look) at the Tabernacle in the book of Exodus as a progression on how to approach God. The first thing in the outer court is the Bronze Altar that highlights for us the need for repentance of our sins and the Blood of Jesus that covers us. Then we come to a Basin (in the outer court). The Basin highlights the necessity of being water baptized and the necessity of being (filled with) the Holy Spirit. As we capitalize on the power that is available to us through the Blood of Jesus and the (indwelling) Holy Spirit, we are confronted with a curtain—the curtain is the entrance to the Holy Place.
Read on...

•the dream of God
Martha Kilpatrick God's unchanging move (part 2)
A Priesthood Loyal to God

Aaron alone stood with God, and chose GOD’S side
against the golden calf idol.
The tribe of Levi rose to slay their brothers and family.
Such terrible loyalty! Such costly priesthood!

Read on...

•what the Spirit is saying to the church
our readers share what they hear in His presence
This is your section--your opportunity to share what you hear in the prayer closet that would interest/benefit the body of Christ.

From Sharon Manning, Ellicott, Colorado: Don't seek for what God has given another. Do not expect Him to reveal Himself to you the way He does to others. He loves you where you are, as you are and treats you and each of His children individually. The important thing is to find out His heart and love what He loves, desire what He desires for you and then He will be able to use you as a vessel of honor to do His will.
Read on...

•the secret place
ideas, meditations and resources to help you connect with God's heart
We would love to have you share ideas, thoughts or resources that enhance your worship/prayer experience, drawing you closer to the heart of God. To contribute, click here.

“Passion, I was to learn, (was key)—passion for God and passion for God’s purposes in transforming peoples and nations go hand in hand. Consider the wise words of John Piper: ‘When the flame of worship burns with the heat of God’s true worth, the light of missions will shine to the most remote peoples on earth. Where passion for God is weak, the zeal for missions will be weak.’

“Passion was written all over David’s Tabernacle and everything else about Davidic worship. The white-hot flame of worship never went out during David’s watch. If the spirit of David’s Tabernacle is to be restored globally, then that flame will surely spread, igniting a passion for God’s presence everywhere.

“Consider some of the songs David sang to the Lord. We know them as psalms. They are wildly passionate. David sings, “My whole being will exclaim, ‘Who is like you, O Lord?” (Ps. 35:10)

“How does one’s whole being exalt God? This was clearly David’s desire and he pursued it with a passion.

“On another occasion David demonstrated this passion when he sang, ‘Passion for your house burns within me’ (Ps. 69:9, NLT). Here, again, we find an expression of David’s desire for intimacy with the Father. David is a man obsessed and absolutely abandoned to God.

“Many centuries later Madame Guyon would describe such a person: ‘Our Lord is very jealous over any saint who is utterly abandoned to Him. He does not let that believer have any pleasures at all outside of Himself.’”

--Dick Eastman, Pathways of Delight, © 2002 Regal.

incenseRising * Vol. 2, No. 1 | January/February 2006
Jonathan Graf, Publisher
Sandra Higley, Editor
Gary Bergel, Contributing Editor
incenseRising is published bimonthly by the CHURCH PRAYER LEADERS NETWORK
Contact Information

Church Prayer Leaders Network | 619 Washington Ave | Terre Haute | IN | 47802

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Uncommon Prayer Formats: Revival & Reconciliation

--->Note: The followjg material is from George P Kern who produces the Central Florida prayer Wall. Use each section as a segment focus. Include a song (or more) and scripture to prompt supplication. Below, find an explantion of each section and a sample request from Central Florida.

•Revival in the Church:
We are not seeking any specific outward experience or type of meeting but an inward change of heart among the Christians here in Central Florida. However God wants to accomplish it, we are asking for a lot more love, commitment, compassion, joy, etc. to be seen in the lives of believers.

Pray that Believers would repent from “besetting” or “entangling” sins (Heb 12:1). Pray that we would get serious about pursuing holiness and that we would seek God for His strength and His strategies to walk in victory in those areas of our lives where we have struggles. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about strategies for victory in the areas that you struggle.

•Reconciliation – we know we are one in Christ, but do we demonstrate that with our actions and attitudes? Let’s pray for a real reconciliation whereby walls come down between denominations, races, cultures, generations and economic class. Jesus prayed in John 17:23, “That they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them…”. Reconciliation leading to unity blesses the heart of God but also witnesses of a living and loving God to the lost. It takes the whole Church to reach the whole city.

Pray for racial reconciliation. Ask the Lord to give us His eyes of compassion that we can begin to see the unique challenges that come with each particular skin color, so we can better understand each other. May we also come to value our differences as expressions of God’s creativity and plan, yet see that we are all of equal worth and value in the Kingdom.

•Reformation of Society:
The face and heart of our city must be transformed for us to be the city God wants us to be, to fulfill God’s redemptive purposes for our city. As the Church is being revived and reconciled we must not hide behind the walls of our churches and homes. We must become influences for good at all levels of society, taking both God’s love and His holiness with us.

Christian business men and Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty have taken the lead in bringing the Purpose Driven Life outreach to our area (over 500 churches have also come on board). Praise and thank God that He is in the process of transforming the business and political areas!

Reaching the Lost:
We need to keep at the forefront of our minds one of the main reasons for revival, reconciliation and reformation of society. It is not just so we can all get along or have more people who think like us. When God is moving IN the Church He usually moves the Church OUT to bring IN the harvest. Jesus gave us the ministry of reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5: 18,19 - “Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation”. We need to support in prayer the city-wide evangelism initiatives the Lord raises up to bring in the harvest in our area.

Continue to pray for the citywide Purpose Driven Life outreach that starts the week of February 12th. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send forth more small group facilitators into the harvest fields. Also pray and intercede for the tens of thousands who God is drawing into these groups – unsaved, backslidden, wounded, etc. For more info or to sign up to lead a group, go to or call 407-894-4282.

...About The Central Florida Prayer Wall
What would God do in Central Florida if every hour of every day He could find someone praying for our area? What if, throughout the month, those prayers were in agreement with the prayers of hundreds of others across denominational and racial lines? The answer is nothing less than a total transformation of our city by the power of God! That is the goal of the Central Florida Prayer Wall.
The Lord gave an initial vision for the Prayer Wall which you can review on our web site ( Within the framework of that vision we seek to serve the needs and visions of participating organizations to mobilize prayer for the city.
Participating churches and ministries have committed to cover the prayer points in some fashion on the day(s) they signed up for. What form does that take? Some groups use the prayer themes as a general framework for a prayer meeting, adding additional prayer points as the Lord leads for that meeting. Others have a Prayer Wall segment of their meeting. Each group is also encouraged to expand the vision and move toward 24 hour prayer on their day. This prayer calendar is copied and distributed to people who pray individually for the prayer points. If 24 people each take a different hour then the whole day is covered. If a group is moving toward 24 hour coverage a corporate meeting is not required but the synergy between individuals praying then coming together to pray for the same topics in a unified group is very powerful. Participating groups are encouraged to submit suggestions for prayer topics and any other aspect of the Wall. Please do so, it makes the Wall stronger!

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Q & R ~ Pastor Phil Responds to Your Questions

Question & Reply

•Prayer Rooms. Prayer Centers. Houses of Prayer. What is the difference?
•”All Intercede, But Not All Are Intercessors “-?
•Altar Prayer ... Encouraging More Participation
•Prayer Room: Handling a Wide Diversity
•Prayer Rooms: Basic Info, Please...
•I want to gift my pastor by sending him to a retreat or conference......
•Prayer Requests – Legal Issues
•Next Time You Are Asked To “Open The Meeting In Prayer...”
•Finding Jim Cymbala’s “House of Prayer” Video
•Designing a Prayer Room
•Wanted: YOUR Feedback
•Is It Always Necessary To Sing?
•Incorporating Prayer into Worship Services
•Starting A Church Founded On Prayer

===>Click headline to access Pastor Phil's replies . . .

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TeleTraining for Your Prayer Team

. . . Announces Three Teleseminars -

Call: 1 (641) 985-1133
Pass Code: 2756#

•January (Re-cast):
Topic: Developing a Prayer Strategy for Your Church-Part 2 "How to Mobilize and Motivate Your People To Participate in Prayer"
Presenter: Jonathan Graf
Time: Monday, February 13, 8 PM EST

•February Teleseminar:
Topic: Steps to Becoming a House of Prayer
Presenter: Rev. David Butts, chairman, America's National Prayer Committee; President of Harvest Prayer Ministries
Time: Monday, Febraury 20, 8 PM EST

•March Teleseminar:
Topic: Jesus: Our Prayer Champion (Lessons from Jesus on Leading Others in Prayer)
Presenter: Rev. Phil Miglioratti, Director of The National Pastors Prayer Network, facilitator of CPLN Networks
Time: Thursday, March 23, 8 PM EST

Note: We soon may be sending a follow-up email with a new phone number. We are checking into costs for using an 800 number, which is slighty safer from a technology standpoint, but more expensive for us and If the phone number changes, we will quickly get word to you and post it on our website.

Jonathan Graf

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RESOURCE - New E-zine for Intercessors

The Church Prayer Leaders Network
launched an e-magazine for intercessors in 2005 called incenseRising. This is a bimonthly publication directed toward the prayer life of the individual intercessor. It provides encouragement to move deeper into meditation, intercession and worship while addressing nitty-gritty issues unique to someone with the call of intercession on his/her life.

incenseRising is $10 per year ($7 per year for CPLN members). To see the premiere issue or contact the editor at for more information.

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Involving Youth In Outward Focused Prayer

Get Your Church Youth Praying for Persecuted Christians

“I can't wait for this year’s SHOCKWAVE event. Last year I really felt God moving. And when He moves...WOW!”

Those are the words from Hannah, who participated in the 2005 SHOCKWAVE event. This year’s worldwide event is slated for March 3-5.

SHOCKWAVE is an initiative of Underground, the youth outreach of Open Doors International USA. It is a global 72-hour youth prayer event that will take place in SHOCKWAVE chat rooms as well as at prayer meetings throughout the world, including the United States.

SHOCKWAVE kicks off in New Zealand and works its way across the time zones, literally covering the entire world. In 2005 thousands of young people from 19 nations prayed for persecuted Christians.

Jeff Shreve, Underground Coordinator for Open Doors USA, says that “SHOCKWAVE is a global phenomenon. There's opportunity for masses of young people from many different places, races and backgrounds to unite and pray for persecuted believers worldwide. If you are looking for a way to get the youth of your church involved and committed, this is it.”

SHOCKWAVE can be run as an all-night event, an evening or even a prayer breakfast. There are SHOCKWAVE resources available – including an information packet full of prayer and program ideas – to make the event easy to run. ===>Click headline to access these resources. There is also a message board and chat zone on the Web site.

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