Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Worldwide Moms Day of Prayer: 3rd Saturday of January

The vision for the Mom's Day of Prayer is for all women to unite together in prayer at the beginning of each year for the children of their community, state and the world - "Praying Moms Make a Difference."

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Below are the steps that will help you in coordinating a Mom's Day of Prayer in your area:

) Pastor's Approval - If you feel God is leading you to coordinate a Mom's Day of Prayer in your area, your first step will be to contact your Pastor and get his 100% stamp of approval on this. Your Pastor and your church family will be your prayer support all through this effort. Please see Pastor's letter.

) 3rd Saturday of Each January - We would like to encourage each one that hosts a Mom's Day of Prayer to have it the 3rd Saturday in January if at all possible. HALLELUJAH what a day that will be!!

) MDOP Flyers - The Mom's Day of Prayer logo and scripture ... you can print and use in everything you do for your Mom's Day of Prayer.

) MDOP Logo - Use the Mom's Day Of Prayer logo for all of your printed materials. Download a copy here. For Windows users, right-click on the logo and left-click "Save Picture As...". Save it in your images folder.

) Mayor Support - Please see the copy of the Proclamation given to us by our Mayor to proclaim this day officially in our area. He brings this each year to the host church and presents it to the Coordinator from that church.

) Newspaper Articles - Please see two newspaper articles that have appeared in our local newspaper...

) Prayer Support - You will especially need others to pray for you that in everything you do, you will be led by God's Holy Spirit and that God will open doors for you as you spread the word about the Mom's Day of Prayer.

) Welcome Table & Greeters - Sign-In Sheet -

) Prayer Bowl - This bowl is used for those attending to write down their prayer requests and place it in the bowl. These requests will be prayed for during the last hour of the day. We usually have this bowl set up at a separate table. During the last hour, please also pray for God to bring forward the next year's host church & coordinator for your area.

) Prayer Room - In 2004-This was the first year to have a special prayer room to go to at the end of each hour for those needing one on one prayer time. This was awesome! The prayer leaders who had justed finished their prayer hour would go with these ladies and minister to them.

) Prayer Leaders - For each hour, please have two Christian Prayer Leaders from different denominations. These Prayer Leaders are there to begin the hour with prayer and close with prayer. Of course, they may also pray during the hour as the Holy Spirit leads them. The opening Prayer Leader needs to share that the women attending are welcome to pray out loud or they may pray to themselves. Please also share that anyone is welcome to kneel where they are or come to the altar.

) Prayer Information Table - Please have a separate table set up for information concerning prayer groups that meet in your area throughout the year.This will be of great benefit to those seeking other ways to pray with women not just on one day, but all through the year. One example of a prayer ministry that prays for the schools and the children is Moms In Touch International. Please go to the Moms In Touch International website to order their brochures. Moms In Touch International and Mom's Day of Prayer are uniting to spread the word that "Praying Moms Make a Difference".

The Host Church:
-A host Church for a Mom's Day of Prayer needs to be in agreement with the following statement of faith:
-This church believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave and that anyone who believes in Him is saved by grace through faith.

Mom's Day of Prayer seeks to focus on our common love for Jesus and our need to love one another and pray together for our children. Everyone who shares this love and burden is needed in our circles of prayer.

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