Monday, January 23, 2006

Quotes to Prompt Prayer

“If you find yourself more drawn toward prayer than promotion, more toward humility than hype, you are being prepared by the Lord for the glory of God. What He is working in you is typical of what God is establishing in thousands of other believers.”

“When we cry for God to visit us, do we really know what we are asking? When we entreat the Almighty for His Kingdom, are we ready to surrender ours? The same prayer that asks for His unrestrained blessing also calls for His corrective judgments on our disobedience. We are asking for God to be God in our midst!”

It’s all about Jesus. To glorify Jesus Christ and make a highway for our God is our supreme task. All flesh will one day see his glory. The truth is that everything in heaven and on earth is summing up all things in Christ. Take time to pray through the following. It is the goal of God’s transcendent purpose in Christ and what it means in our prayers and intercession:

“We are being emptied of our agendas, false expectations, and non-biblical traditions so that Christ alone will be Lord over the church.”

“Let us, therefore, recognize that the long-term intention of God is not only to eliminate the pains in our bodies but also to establish His reign in our hearts. Yes, let us continue to pray for revival and to rejoice when we see it. But, with sobriety, let us also remember: In the days of his presence, the goal of God’s visitation is to make us His habitation.” Quotes by Francis Frangipane

Together in the Harvest, Debbie Przybylski
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