Thursday, December 22, 2005

Small-Group Tips: A Prayerful Journey

Small-Group Tips: A Prayerful Journey

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Need a quick, simple way to spark motivation for prayer in your small group? Many of our small groups have started using prayer journals. We've discovered they're easy–and they work.

First, purchase a basic spiral notebook. If your group is large (10 or more members), you may need two notebooks. (Sometimes I decorate the cover with a collage of pictures that reflect our group.)

As you share prayer requests in your regular meeting, one member records the requests in the notebook, using a fresh page each week. If your group members are shy and feel uncomfortable sharing requests aloud, pass the notebook around and ask them to write down their concerns.

The group member who recorded the requests takes the notebook home, prays over the requests during the week, and brings the notebook back to the next meeting. The notebook switches hands each time the group meets.

Occasionally, the group reviews the prayer requests on past pages. Our group likes to do this monthly or bimonthly. We record updates and answered prayers and praise God for His faithfulness.

Our prayer journal gives us a sense of ownership as we pray over each other's concerns. Most important, it reveals Gods faithfulness and tangibly demonstrates that corporate prayer is effective.

Adapted from "Spiraling Prayer" by Nichole Quigley (Issue 137, S/O 2003). ©2003 Discipleship Journal. All rights reserved.

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