Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RESOURCE: Prayer Jar for Children

Our take home pages might help.

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Like mathematics the key to prayer is practice, practice, practice. In most homes this means reminders, reminders ... reminders. We hope that both our teacher's tips and coloring pages are used in this least once a month. We have done our best to provide enough choices to last a full year without boring anyone.

For Partnering with Parents Our favorite TAKE HOME projects are Prayer Jar and The Parents Guide to Prayer. Just these two take home sheets in the hands of responsible parents will guarantee that every child in your class has stuck with at least one prayer long enough to get an answer AND that he or she has at least one prayer partner. What stronger foundation can be given a child than faith in a personal God and a Christian Support Group. These projects should connect the children to the church...for life.

For Outreach Projects Have each child in your class decorate a box of some kind...a box to be filled with uncolored scriptures each with an invitation on the back an invitation to accept Christ or visit your Sunday School or both. Add a box of crayons and send a note home to the parents asking if they would help their children find a home for each of the outreach boxes...perhaps in a jail waiting room, an eye doctors office or an auto/tire repair shop. It could be their first missions trip. It could bring new people into your church.

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