Friday, November 18, 2005

RESOURCE - A Diagnostic Tool to Assess The Prayer Life of Your Congregation


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By Phil Miglioratti

Our Purpose

It is our goal, that by properly utilizing this tool, the Holy Spirit will give you a clear sense of how successful you are in the quest to become a biblical House of Prayer.

The interactive process brings leadership and membership together in a vertical (prayer) and horizontal (prayer birthed discussions) conversation. This conversation is in itself a forward step in the prayer life of the congregation.

This is not a “scientific” survey capable of producing a computerized analysis nor is it like a contest in which the average rating of the judges determines the outcome. Each category and question is designed to expose the heart of the congregation for prayer and produce an accurate picture of how faithfully, practically and pervasively that desire is being expressed.

No congregation using this tool is in competition with any other. It is hoped that this tool will serve to increase the congregation’s appetite for prayer while causing leadership to reevaluate programs and seek the Lord of the Church for His changes toward a reformation in the congregation producing a transformation in the community.

Just like prayer, you can utilize as much or as little as you want from this tool. Simply by reading through it you will allow the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to new thoughts and ideas. By inviting others to read it will do the same for them. However, to receive full value, you are encouraged to include and involve the entire congregation over an extended period of time.

Areas Covered by the Diagnostic Tool:

Our Process

Our History

Our Theology

Our Vision

Our Pastor

Our Leaders

Our Members

Our Worship Service(s)

Our Prayer Meetings

Our Small Groups

Our Age-Focus Ministries

Our Evangelism Ministries, Special Events & Holidays

Our Missions

Our Equipping for Prayer

Our Prayer Ministry Team

Our Prayer Partnerships

Our Congregation

Our Conclusions

Our Plans

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