Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pray! Launches Upgraded Online Archives

Pray! Launches Upgraded Online Archives

If you've just read any of the Pray! articles linked from this newsletter, you've probably already noticed several significant enhancements to Pray!'s online archives. For instance, our new "Other Articles by This Author" link allows you immediate access to any other Pray! articles written by the same author.

But that's not all! Using our archives' new, cleaner interface, you can now:
Search the Pray! archives quickly using Google
Scan articles on a related topic with a single click
Easily email favorite articles to friends
Pull up a "printer-friendly" version of any article
Immediately read any sidebars that accompanied the printed article (and then cross-link back to the original article so you won't get lost)
Rapidly access information about authors (including their pictures when available)
Read Scripture passages mentioned in the articles by clicking on the hot-linked references
Navigate to other ministries' and organizations' websites through hot-links

Don't wait another minute! Use (and bookmark) the Pray! online archives right now for ongoing access to the extensive ministry resources, helpful articles, and prayer encouragement you need. ===}Click headline to vist their site...

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