Monday, November 21, 2005

Once Upon A Time ~ A City Goes To War


In year 1005 there was this city-kingdom in Central Europe whose people were tired of their surrounding enemies raiding them and robbing them of their crops and the like. So they consulted with the leaders and then called a sort of national assembly to decide what to do. They met and made the decision that they needed to wage war against these intruders because after all they had the right and the power to do so. Actually they were more powerful than their enemies so they decided to stop their intrusion.

They made a big celebration the night they decided to declare war to proclaim their lack of fear and their serious intentions of getting rid of these pesky enemies. They ate and drank and sung and danced almost all night. The next morning they started gathering the army and soon when they were ready they marched on their enemy's city. They came in full marching power to the gates of their enemy's city and broke down the massive doors to declare with their actions that they were there and were not to tolerate them anymore: so this is it, this is war.

However after this mighty declaration of war they inexplicably turn back and went back home leaving their enemies to puzzle about this "war" declared on them. Once in their own city they held yet another celebration of war. They sung and told about their might and how they have torn out the doors of the enemy's city and how powerful they were; they were so focused on the declaration of war that they did not realize the their enemies had grouped and came to attack them in the middle of their celebration causing havoc because they were not aware nor prepared to defend their city.


The above story is fictional, I just invented it to illustrate the word God has given me for His church in this day and for this time of war the church faces.

The church has been engaged for some years now in a kind of war very similar to the one I drew in my small fiction work. No army would actually do what the city in my story did; however the church has done and is doing exactly that. Why I am saying this?

When we pray for a move of God, when we pray for revival we are actually declaring war on the devil and his forces of death, and moreover praying for revival is a declaration of war on sin and darkness. Every prayer for revival pricks straight into the eyes of satan.

However, an awful lot of people in church do not seem to be aware of this fact! Every time we pray and cry out to God, and declare revival we are declaring war on the enemy and immediately after we just go about our business as usual. Our war seems to end with the declaration of war! Ok we seem to think, we met, we declared war, we can now go to sleep.


The Lord says to His church: "Get ready for the biggest struggle of all your existence. The biggest revival ever is at hand, but do not think that it comes easy for it comes with war on all fronts. My Son has already secured the victory, but my people have to enforce the results of that victory. War is not only for business hours, or spare time; the enemy will not let you rest, the moment you sit down to contemplate the victory the enemy will charge against you. You have my power, I have told you it is not your power but My Spirit; but you need to use the power you have received."

"Because of my church not realizing the extent of the war many people are suffering, from within the ranks and from within the leadership. Have you ever thought why it is that when you start praying for revival everything seems to go wrong? Many churches have literally died when they started praying for revival! Why? Because they did pray and I was there to go with them to wage war, but most of my people went back to their comfort, their business, and their war celebrations. Many of my leaders are under attack, some by their own faults but quite a few others simply because my church first declared war and afterwards moved back to headquarters, leaving just a few leaders and people in the front line, exposed to the vicious attacks of the enemy"


The Lord said in the Bible that He will build His church "and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her". Interesting how we have put things upside down. Waging war is an active thing, it implies action, it implies moving, it implies more than just declaring war or singing songs of war.

War is not to be waged on headquarters! We seem to have headquarters crammed with war declarers, but how many people are actually going? Why did the Lord say that "the gates of hell shall not prevail"? Did He mean that the forces of hell will attack the church using doors as weapons? If we are not really going and still we expect that the gates of hell shall not prevail we would be waiting for the devil to come attack us with doors! If the Lord said that the "gates of hell" shall not prevail against the church it simply means that the church has to go to the gates of hell to wage war and not expect the gates of hell to come to you!

Revival is serious business. It is a matter of life and death. It is a continual war in which there is not a "happily ever after" until we are all with Him in heaven. Until then there is war in the land. However God says to His church "Let's go together"

Be Blessed
J. Conrad Lampan
Argentina - Wales - United States



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Tatsuo said...

Finally....words from those who understand the nature of the struggle. The church in the West is way, way, too civilian in their mindset and have domesticated the reality of the battle as it pertains to revival. Even prayer leaders give tacit lipservice to the relationship between intercession and the titanic struggle which is not against flesh and blood..the question is how many in the Lord's army are willing and more importantly, paying the price for victory?

Tatsuo Akamine
Global Revival Mission