Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New for 2006: Journey to Transformation Prayer Guide

The 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide is now Available!

This year's theme, Journey to Transformation is based on personal heart preparation, and praying into your community the "indicators of transformation" seen in communities that are currently experiencing genuine, measurable transforamtion.

Don't delay in getting copies of the new 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide for your Church, prayer group, or home school group. Get them now so that you and your people can begin to pray right at the beginning of the year. And think big - God wil honor your faith.
Prayer Guides are provided free. They come in boxes of 100 to easily transport. If you can pick them up at our offices, that would be great, call to arrange a time. If you would like us to deliver them, we can work that out. If we need to ship a quantity to you, we ask that you reimburse us for the cost of shipping.

To obtain your 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide...

1) Call our office at: 612-278-1717 and give your name, church or group, address, how many you need, and whether you can pick them up (preferred) or want them delivered.

2) Email us at: info@prayertransformation.com, and give the same information as above.

The Prayer Guides are free, however some people like to make a donation for the cost of the Prayer Guides. A suggested donation is $1 apiece.
Our prayer is that you might use this years prayer guide each day, and that all 25,000 that we have printed, might lift a sweet smelling incense before the Lord so that he is compelled to answer our prayers for transformation right here.

Your servant in Christ, Steve Loopstra
Executive Director, Prayer Transformation Ministrries

Prayer Transformation Ministries is supported by the kind contributions of people like you who are blessed by, and believe in our ministry. Gifts can be sent to:

Prayer Transformation Ministries
810 S. 7th St. w Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-278-1714 w Fax: 612-278-1711
Email: PTM@prayertransformation.com
Web site: http://www.prayertransformation.com

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