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Corporate Confession & Declaration - The Prayer Action Plan

Extreme Church Makeover
A Biblical Plan to Help Your Church Achieve Unity and Freedom in Christ

---} Click the headline to read the entire "Prayer Action Plan." The plan is biblical (plenty of scriputre), practical (guidelines for leaders and facilitators) and beneficial (a step-by-step approach for any-sized congregatin of any denomination.

From the webiste:
It takes more than fresh paint and new carpet to revitalize a church that is entangled in conflict and disunity. Unresolved personal and corporate sin results in personal and corporate bondage. The result is disunity, stagnant growth and interpersonal conflicts. What is needed is a biblical plan of corporate repentance and faith in God that connects the church body to Christ in a liberating way.
Thousands of individuals, churches, mission agencies and parachurch ministries have experienced renewed lives after successfully working through Neil Anderson’s Steps to Freedom in Christ. Now Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander show how these same tools based on repentance and faith in God, along with the corporate process of conflict resolution in this book, can be used to provide a new beginning for believers and churches. Practical and life giving, this balanced approach deals biblically with corporate sin. It takes into account the reality of the spiritual world as well as the need for correcting leadership and administration problems, as well as the need to look at the church’s current strengths and weaknesses.
There is hope for your church, because the Church is the body of Christ and He wants it to be alive and well. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and the only One who can set your church free, restore broken relationships and heal the broken hearted.

Chapter 11 - The Prayer Action Plan
(Step 6 in the Setting Your Church Free Event) (sample statements)

The conclusion of the Setting Your Church Free event is summarized in the Prayer Action Plan ...The leadership is now in a better position to focus their prayers and make plans for action.

The Prayer Action Plan is our response to these commands. It makes four declarations:
“We renounce . . . ”; “We announce . . . ”; “We affirm . . . ”; and “We will . . . ”
These declarations constitute our response to what our leaders have discerned from God’s guidance.

The Prayer Action Plan calls for prayer plus action. In response to Christ’s call to obey, we respond that we will do what He desires. Notice that each of the declarations are connected. When you are completing the “we will” stage, start by looking back at what was renounced in the first declaration. In light of that renunciation, what does Jesus want us to do to obey Him?

The Prayer Action Plan (step 6) synthesizes the information gathered in the earlier steps and condenses them in a one-page format. The facilitator should place four large sheets of paper side by side on the wall. All of the previous sheets should be visible as well. On the first sheet, the facilitator should write “We renounce . . . ” On the next three sheets he or she should jot down in order “We announce . . . ”, “We affirm . . . ”, and “We will. . . ” The group is now ready to combine everything discerned so far in short, summary declarations.

A sense of accomplishment and joy is felt by the group as they join together in declaring their Prayer Action Plan to God. The sense of unity is what participants remember the most. One pastor wrote, “My best memory from the Setting Your Church Free seminar was the sense of unity with which everyone responded. Although each person had unique insights and comments, when it came to the big issues, there was unity and agreement, and a sense of working together.”

The Prayer Action Plan becomes a tangible way to submit to God and resist the devil on behalf of the whole church.

Excerpt From Extreme Church Makeover, (c) 2005 by Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander.
Published by Regal Books, Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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