Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Are You in the Right Role?


Phil, I hope that I am doing this right; just need some advice. I have
been a prayer leader for 10 years and have a prayer team that prays 24
hours a day. I am also ordained. I have been helping other churches
plus the one I attend. One of the churches that we help just found out
that their pastor has cancer and has become very sick. I was asked to
step in to do the Sunday services along with my wife. We accepted but
I am feeling just a little nervous, I guess, or confused as whether I
should have stepped aside being I am a prayer leader first or should I
look at this as an opportunity to serve the Lord more. I love our
prayer ministry and I know that prayer is my calling … Should I even
be confused at all? Can you help me with some advice?
In Jesus name, Pastor Dan
- - -
Bless you, Dan,

For your many years of faithful service to the Lord.

The only question that matters, is: "What is the Lord's assignment for me?" When you are confident of His calling, that is all that matters.

I have found that the role of pastor gives me the greatest opportunity to influence and impact the congregation towards prayer. In that role, you truly become more than the prayer coordinator; you become the prayer champion!

Do not use it to produce guilt about prayer (or prayerlessness!) but utilize the office to cast vision, share your passion, and apply your leading/teaching gifts to produce a warmer climate for personal and corporate prayer. As shepherd, you now have the authority to appoint a prayer coordinator to work with you while you preach (motivate), teach (instruct) and beseech (personally recruit and mentor) the congregation forward into prayer.

Hope this helps, Phil

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