Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Equip Your Team

2006 Regional Prayer Conferences
Church Prayer Leaders Network - a ministry of Harvest Prayer Ministries
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March 17-18
Amherst, MA

March 16-18
Sacramento, CA
Strategic Renewal International

March 24-25 OR March 31-April 1
Metro Atlanta area

(6th Annual CPLN Convention)
June 14-16
Mesa, AZ

September 15-16
San Jose, CA

Dates: October 26-28, 2006
Location: Terre Haute, IN
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Henry Blackaby, author of Experiencing God
Look for registration information in early 2006.

November 9-11
Cleveland, OH

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Pray! Launches Upgraded Online Archives

Pray! Launches Upgraded Online Archives

If you've just read any of the Pray! articles linked from this newsletter, you've probably already noticed several significant enhancements to Pray!'s online archives. For instance, our new "Other Articles by This Author" link allows you immediate access to any other Pray! articles written by the same author.

But that's not all! Using our archives' new, cleaner interface, you can now:
Search the Pray! archives quickly using Google
Scan articles on a related topic with a single click
Easily email favorite articles to friends
Pull up a "printer-friendly" version of any article
Immediately read any sidebars that accompanied the printed article (and then cross-link back to the original article so you won't get lost)
Rapidly access information about authors (including their pictures when available)
Read Scripture passages mentioned in the articles by clicking on the hot-linked references
Navigate to other ministries' and organizations' websites through hot-links

Don't wait another minute! Use (and bookmark) the Pray! online archives right now for ongoing access to the extensive ministry resources, helpful articles, and prayer encouragement you need. ===}Click headline to vist their site...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Are You in the Right Role?


Phil, I hope that I am doing this right; just need some advice. I have
been a prayer leader for 10 years and have a prayer team that prays 24
hours a day. I am also ordained. I have been helping other churches
plus the one I attend. One of the churches that we help just found out
that their pastor has cancer and has become very sick. I was asked to
step in to do the Sunday services along with my wife. We accepted but
I am feeling just a little nervous, I guess, or confused as whether I
should have stepped aside being I am a prayer leader first or should I
look at this as an opportunity to serve the Lord more. I love our
prayer ministry and I know that prayer is my calling … Should I even
be confused at all? Can you help me with some advice?
In Jesus name, Pastor Dan
- - -
Bless you, Dan,

For your many years of faithful service to the Lord.

The only question that matters, is: "What is the Lord's assignment for me?" When you are confident of His calling, that is all that matters.

I have found that the role of pastor gives me the greatest opportunity to influence and impact the congregation towards prayer. In that role, you truly become more than the prayer coordinator; you become the prayer champion!

Do not use it to produce guilt about prayer (or prayerlessness!) but utilize the office to cast vision, share your passion, and apply your leading/teaching gifts to produce a warmer climate for personal and corporate prayer. As shepherd, you now have the authority to appoint a prayer coordinator to work with you while you preach (motivate), teach (instruct) and beseech (personally recruit and mentor) the congregation forward into prayer.

Hope this helps, Phil

P.S. If you are not already a member, I encouarge you to join the Church Prayer Leaers Network. CPLN Members have access to:
Members Only Menu
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Incense Rising (intercession)
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Scripture Guides that Make it Easy to Pray God's Word

Scripture Guides that Make it Easy to Pray God's Word

God's word will not return void. Using The Dynamic Praying Series by Jim & Kaye Johns will assist you (and new Prayer Team members) to pray specifically for issues you or someone you love are facing. Each prayer you pray is power- packed with at least 10 scriptures from the Bible. You'll find over 200 scriptures referenced and displayed alongside the prayers.

The Prayer Cards are excellent for sending notes to team members or those who on the prayer list.

⇒ How to Grow in Your Prayer Life
⇒ Praying for Loved Ones Serving in the Military
⇒ Overwhelmed
⇒ Pregnancy: For Myself and My Unborn Baby
⇒ Praying God's Will for My Marriage
⇒ Decision-Making: Praying God's Will When I Need Guidance
⇒ Children-Teens
⇒ Missions: Preparing Our Hearts for the Harvest

⇒ Scripture Prayer Guide
⇒ Scripture Prayer Card (full color cover; blank inside for your note)
⇒ Mailing Envelope

From the makers of Evangecube!
Call 888-354-9411

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Pray for One Another - National Prayer Leader's Husband

Dear Subscribers,

I want to apologize for the fact that we have missed a month of the email newlsetter. Some of you have not heard that Jennifer Kennedy Dean's husband, Wayne, has bee diagnosed with terminal and advanced brain cancer. You can folllow his progress and know how to pray by visiting The newest blog entry is on the top, so read from the bottom entry and move up. If you want to get the whole story, start with October archives and ready forward. Thank you in advance for your rpayers.

We are now working on a newsletter and you will receive one soon. Think about a JKD book for a great Christmas gift. If you order from the web site, in the "comments" section of your order form, you can ask for an autograph. If you call in your order, just include your request for an autograph. Spell the name of the person to whom you want it autographed. JKD will personalize your autograph if you ask for it.

The office is running normally. Order books and schedule conferences and call with your questions. I've got it covered.

Terry Trieu
The Praying Life Foundation

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New for 2006: Journey to Transformation Prayer Guide

The 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide is now Available!

This year's theme, Journey to Transformation is based on personal heart preparation, and praying into your community the "indicators of transformation" seen in communities that are currently experiencing genuine, measurable transforamtion.

Don't delay in getting copies of the new 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide for your Church, prayer group, or home school group. Get them now so that you and your people can begin to pray right at the beginning of the year. And think big - God wil honor your faith.
Prayer Guides are provided free. They come in boxes of 100 to easily transport. If you can pick them up at our offices, that would be great, call to arrange a time. If you would like us to deliver them, we can work that out. If we need to ship a quantity to you, we ask that you reimburse us for the cost of shipping.

To obtain your 2006 Twin Cities Prayer Guide...

1) Call our office at: 612-278-1717 and give your name, church or group, address, how many you need, and whether you can pick them up (preferred) or want them delivered.

2) Email us at:, and give the same information as above.

The Prayer Guides are free, however some people like to make a donation for the cost of the Prayer Guides. A suggested donation is $1 apiece.
Our prayer is that you might use this years prayer guide each day, and that all 25,000 that we have printed, might lift a sweet smelling incense before the Lord so that he is compelled to answer our prayers for transformation right here.

Your servant in Christ, Steve Loopstra
Executive Director, Prayer Transformation Ministrries

Prayer Transformation Ministries is supported by the kind contributions of people like you who are blessed by, and believe in our ministry. Gifts can be sent to:

Prayer Transformation Ministries
810 S. 7th St. w Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-278-1714 w Fax: 612-278-1711
Web site:

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Once Upon A Time ~ A City Goes To War


In year 1005 there was this city-kingdom in Central Europe whose people were tired of their surrounding enemies raiding them and robbing them of their crops and the like. So they consulted with the leaders and then called a sort of national assembly to decide what to do. They met and made the decision that they needed to wage war against these intruders because after all they had the right and the power to do so. Actually they were more powerful than their enemies so they decided to stop their intrusion.

They made a big celebration the night they decided to declare war to proclaim their lack of fear and their serious intentions of getting rid of these pesky enemies. They ate and drank and sung and danced almost all night. The next morning they started gathering the army and soon when they were ready they marched on their enemy's city. They came in full marching power to the gates of their enemy's city and broke down the massive doors to declare with their actions that they were there and were not to tolerate them anymore: so this is it, this is war.

However after this mighty declaration of war they inexplicably turn back and went back home leaving their enemies to puzzle about this "war" declared on them. Once in their own city they held yet another celebration of war. They sung and told about their might and how they have torn out the doors of the enemy's city and how powerful they were; they were so focused on the declaration of war that they did not realize the their enemies had grouped and came to attack them in the middle of their celebration causing havoc because they were not aware nor prepared to defend their city.


The above story is fictional, I just invented it to illustrate the word God has given me for His church in this day and for this time of war the church faces.

The church has been engaged for some years now in a kind of war very similar to the one I drew in my small fiction work. No army would actually do what the city in my story did; however the church has done and is doing exactly that. Why I am saying this?

When we pray for a move of God, when we pray for revival we are actually declaring war on the devil and his forces of death, and moreover praying for revival is a declaration of war on sin and darkness. Every prayer for revival pricks straight into the eyes of satan.

However, an awful lot of people in church do not seem to be aware of this fact! Every time we pray and cry out to God, and declare revival we are declaring war on the enemy and immediately after we just go about our business as usual. Our war seems to end with the declaration of war! Ok we seem to think, we met, we declared war, we can now go to sleep.


The Lord says to His church: "Get ready for the biggest struggle of all your existence. The biggest revival ever is at hand, but do not think that it comes easy for it comes with war on all fronts. My Son has already secured the victory, but my people have to enforce the results of that victory. War is not only for business hours, or spare time; the enemy will not let you rest, the moment you sit down to contemplate the victory the enemy will charge against you. You have my power, I have told you it is not your power but My Spirit; but you need to use the power you have received."

"Because of my church not realizing the extent of the war many people are suffering, from within the ranks and from within the leadership. Have you ever thought why it is that when you start praying for revival everything seems to go wrong? Many churches have literally died when they started praying for revival! Why? Because they did pray and I was there to go with them to wage war, but most of my people went back to their comfort, their business, and their war celebrations. Many of my leaders are under attack, some by their own faults but quite a few others simply because my church first declared war and afterwards moved back to headquarters, leaving just a few leaders and people in the front line, exposed to the vicious attacks of the enemy"


The Lord said in the Bible that He will build His church "and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her". Interesting how we have put things upside down. Waging war is an active thing, it implies action, it implies moving, it implies more than just declaring war or singing songs of war.

War is not to be waged on headquarters! We seem to have headquarters crammed with war declarers, but how many people are actually going? Why did the Lord say that "the gates of hell shall not prevail"? Did He mean that the forces of hell will attack the church using doors as weapons? If we are not really going and still we expect that the gates of hell shall not prevail we would be waiting for the devil to come attack us with doors! If the Lord said that the "gates of hell" shall not prevail against the church it simply means that the church has to go to the gates of hell to wage war and not expect the gates of hell to come to you!

Revival is serious business. It is a matter of life and death. It is a continual war in which there is not a "happily ever after" until we are all with Him in heaven. Until then there is war in the land. However God says to His church "Let's go together"

Be Blessed
J. Conrad Lampan
Argentina - Wales - United States



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Friday, November 18, 2005

RESOURCE - A Diagnostic Tool to Assess The Prayer Life of Your Congregation


---} Click the headline to download the complete survey.

By Phil Miglioratti

Our Purpose

It is our goal, that by properly utilizing this tool, the Holy Spirit will give you a clear sense of how successful you are in the quest to become a biblical House of Prayer.

The interactive process brings leadership and membership together in a vertical (prayer) and horizontal (prayer birthed discussions) conversation. This conversation is in itself a forward step in the prayer life of the congregation.

This is not a “scientific” survey capable of producing a computerized analysis nor is it like a contest in which the average rating of the judges determines the outcome. Each category and question is designed to expose the heart of the congregation for prayer and produce an accurate picture of how faithfully, practically and pervasively that desire is being expressed.

No congregation using this tool is in competition with any other. It is hoped that this tool will serve to increase the congregation’s appetite for prayer while causing leadership to reevaluate programs and seek the Lord of the Church for His changes toward a reformation in the congregation producing a transformation in the community.

Just like prayer, you can utilize as much or as little as you want from this tool. Simply by reading through it you will allow the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to new thoughts and ideas. By inviting others to read it will do the same for them. However, to receive full value, you are encouraged to include and involve the entire congregation over an extended period of time.

Areas Covered by the Diagnostic Tool:

Our Process

Our History

Our Theology

Our Vision

Our Pastor

Our Leaders

Our Members

Our Worship Service(s)

Our Prayer Meetings

Our Small Groups

Our Age-Focus Ministries

Our Evangelism Ministries, Special Events & Holidays

Our Missions

Our Equipping for Prayer

Our Prayer Ministry Team

Our Prayer Partnerships

Our Congregation

Our Conclusions

Our Plans

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Corporate Confession & Declaration - The Prayer Action Plan

Extreme Church Makeover
A Biblical Plan to Help Your Church Achieve Unity and Freedom in Christ

---} Click the headline to read the entire "Prayer Action Plan." The plan is biblical (plenty of scriputre), practical (guidelines for leaders and facilitators) and beneficial (a step-by-step approach for any-sized congregatin of any denomination.

From the webiste:
It takes more than fresh paint and new carpet to revitalize a church that is entangled in conflict and disunity. Unresolved personal and corporate sin results in personal and corporate bondage. The result is disunity, stagnant growth and interpersonal conflicts. What is needed is a biblical plan of corporate repentance and faith in God that connects the church body to Christ in a liberating way.
Thousands of individuals, churches, mission agencies and parachurch ministries have experienced renewed lives after successfully working through Neil Anderson’s Steps to Freedom in Christ. Now Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander show how these same tools based on repentance and faith in God, along with the corporate process of conflict resolution in this book, can be used to provide a new beginning for believers and churches. Practical and life giving, this balanced approach deals biblically with corporate sin. It takes into account the reality of the spiritual world as well as the need for correcting leadership and administration problems, as well as the need to look at the church’s current strengths and weaknesses.
There is hope for your church, because the Church is the body of Christ and He wants it to be alive and well. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and the only One who can set your church free, restore broken relationships and heal the broken hearted.

Chapter 11 - The Prayer Action Plan
(Step 6 in the Setting Your Church Free Event) (sample statements)

The conclusion of the Setting Your Church Free event is summarized in the Prayer Action Plan ...The leadership is now in a better position to focus their prayers and make plans for action.

The Prayer Action Plan is our response to these commands. It makes four declarations:
“We renounce . . . ”; “We announce . . . ”; “We affirm . . . ”; and “We will . . . ”
These declarations constitute our response to what our leaders have discerned from God’s guidance.

The Prayer Action Plan calls for prayer plus action. In response to Christ’s call to obey, we respond that we will do what He desires. Notice that each of the declarations are connected. When you are completing the “we will” stage, start by looking back at what was renounced in the first declaration. In light of that renunciation, what does Jesus want us to do to obey Him?

The Prayer Action Plan (step 6) synthesizes the information gathered in the earlier steps and condenses them in a one-page format. The facilitator should place four large sheets of paper side by side on the wall. All of the previous sheets should be visible as well. On the first sheet, the facilitator should write “We renounce . . . ” On the next three sheets he or she should jot down in order “We announce . . . ”, “We affirm . . . ”, and “We will. . . ” The group is now ready to combine everything discerned so far in short, summary declarations.

A sense of accomplishment and joy is felt by the group as they join together in declaring their Prayer Action Plan to God. The sense of unity is what participants remember the most. One pastor wrote, “My best memory from the Setting Your Church Free seminar was the sense of unity with which everyone responded. Although each person had unique insights and comments, when it came to the big issues, there was unity and agreement, and a sense of working together.”

The Prayer Action Plan becomes a tangible way to submit to God and resist the devil on behalf of the whole church.

Excerpt From Extreme Church Makeover, (c) 2005 by Neil Anderson and Charles Mylander.
Published by Regal Books, Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RESOURCE: Prayer Jar for Children

Our take home pages might help.

---} View the Prayer Jar idea:

Like mathematics the key to prayer is practice, practice, practice. In most homes this means reminders, reminders ... reminders. We hope that both our teacher's tips and coloring pages are used in this least once a month. We have done our best to provide enough choices to last a full year without boring anyone.

For Partnering with Parents Our favorite TAKE HOME projects are Prayer Jar and The Parents Guide to Prayer. Just these two take home sheets in the hands of responsible parents will guarantee that every child in your class has stuck with at least one prayer long enough to get an answer AND that he or she has at least one prayer partner. What stronger foundation can be given a child than faith in a personal God and a Christian Support Group. These projects should connect the children to the church...for life.

For Outreach Projects Have each child in your class decorate a box of some kind...a box to be filled with uncolored scriptures each with an invitation on the back an invitation to accept Christ or visit your Sunday School or both. Add a box of crayons and send a note home to the parents asking if they would help their children find a home for each of the outreach boxes...perhaps in a jail waiting room, an eye doctors office or an auto/tire repair shop. It could be their first missions trip. It could bring new people into your church.

MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF AND BLESS YOUR CHURCH Order our master CD for just $10. You get all the coloring pages and parent take homes from all three of our websites and they print instantly with no download time. OVER 400 COLORING AND PARENT TAKE HOMES FOR $10. Just visit our gift shop or send a note and check to:
P.O. Box 8094
Topeka Ks., 66618
Don't forget your return address

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Monday, November 14, 2005

12 Hour Global Prayer Meeting

Global Prayer Teleconference United the World in Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Greater Calling, a non-profit Christian teleconferencing prayer ministry, announced today that a 12-hour prayer teleconference call held on November 13th for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church united hundreds of callers from over a dozen different countries in live, interactive prayer over the telephone. Christians from the USA joined with those in Kenya, Namibia, Germany, Australia, Poland and other countries to pray for the 200 million Christians living under persecution. A full list of all countries and states that participated can be found at

"What a unique experience I had interacting with others from all Nations by phone" said Rev. Kennedy Waningu from Eldoret, Kenya who stayed on the phone for several hours Sunday, eating his meals in his office into the wee hours of the night in order to be connected with others around the world in prayer. "We are blessed to have Greater Calling Ministry in our generation as it will impact and change the history of prayer movements on the earth", he added.

Through the power of the internet, even a few members located in areas of the world where Christians cannot freely worship found out about the call and were able to make a quick call into the conference to let others know of their prayer requests. "We had a caller from Burma call in to the conference call to ask us to remember his country in our prayers and we had a caller from a church in Poland provide specific prayer requests for us", said Dana Simons, Co-Founder of Greater Calling Ministry.


Please post this information on your website and please forward on to anyone who might be interested. The next global prayer call will be held on Sunday, November 27th and will focus on intercessory prayer for the Nation of Africa. The last Sunday of each month, Greater Calling will sponsor a Global Prayer Call focused on a different region of the world. Please see the Greater Calling website for more information on these calls.

Blessings, Dana Simons
tel: 866-678-4400, ext. 119
mobile: 707-480-6124

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Monday, November 07, 2005

PrayerBlaze '06

PrayerBlaze '06 ~ Southwest Michigan Prayer Conference

Keynotes: Dr. Alvin VanderGriend - speaker and author of many prayer resources including Love to Pray
Jeff Noel - Vice President of Teaching for Harvest Prayer Ministries and Coordinator for the National Prayer Committee

Location: Portage, MI
Hosted by: Oakland Drive Church of Christ 7331 Oakland Drive
and St. Michael's Lutheran Church 7211 Oakland Drive (youth portion)

Dates: March 17 and 18, 2006

Cost is $40.00 per person / $65.00 per couple
$12.00 for students college age and under

More info ~

This conference will be geared toward lay Christians, prayer and church leaders, and YOUTH!

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

100 Pages of Answers on Christian Prayer

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Over 100 pages of answers to questions on Christian prayer and intercession...

What is prayer and intercession?
How can I find time to pray?
How can I stop wandering thoughts?
How can I hear God?
What can I pray at Christmas?
What other prayers can I pray?
What is the Lords Prayer?
What books do you recommend?
Where can I get online prayer?
How can I encourage children to pray?
How can I pray with my spouse?
What dinner prayers can we use?
What are praying households?
Prayer with others (more questions)
How can I start praying with others?
How can prayer groups be effective?
What is a prayer strategy?
Guidelines for Prayer Ministry
How can I help children's groups to pray?

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Corporate Confession

Confessing our Sins Together

There is a tendency for us to think of confession as a personal act we do before God. Certainly much confession is of this personal, private nature that is only between ourselves and God. But God’s Word gives us another picture of confession that is corporate in its practice. It is confession from a group of people who are aware of the corporate aspect of their sin and aware that private confession is inadequate to deal with this problem.

I believe that the call of God to the Church today is for confession of this type. If we are to see revival in our day, it will come to a people who have humbled themselves together before their God and sought His face. This humility comes as we recognize that much of what has passed for Christianity in our day has been self-centered, worldly and an affront to the Lord. The only way to deal with the sin of the Church is for the Church to confess its sins and repent.

The biblical example that comes to mind is the story of Israel during the time of Ezra, when the people of God were dealing with the sin of intermarriage with the pagan tribes around them. The seventy years of exile in Babylon had ended. The exiles returned to Jerusalem over a number of years in different groups. One of these groups was lead by the great biblical scholar and man of God, Ezra.

Ezra’s godly presence prompted the people to confess that they had once again damaged Israel’s standing with God by disobeying His clear command not to intermarry with the non-Jewish peoples around them. The sorrow and prayer of Ezra following this revelation is powerful.

Click the headline to read the complete article...

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