Monday, September 12, 2005

Prayer Songs - Part Two

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs We Sing To God

Prayer Songs allow the facilitator to incorporate singing without an interruption to the group’s focus on praying.

Contemporary praise music provides many biblically based and musically diverse songs from which to choose; the release of praise music has been a blessing to the Church. This exciting trend has, however, caused many to abandon the use of hymns. Ancient and modern hymns of the Church tend to declare truth while contemporary praise tends to highlight our emotional response to our relationship with the Lord (there are many exceptions; I wrote “tends”). A wise prayer leader will look for hymns that allow those gathered to give melody to their praise or sing their confession.

A few suggestions, taken from The Celebration Hymnal (Word Music / Integrity Music):
O Word of God Incarnate (p. 414
Revive Us Again (p 434)
Breathe On Me (p. 396)
Lead On O King Eternal (p. 724)

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