Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Message from the Chairman of America's National Prayer Committee

To all members and friends of America's National Prayer Committee:

This morning, President Bush made the following Proclamation at his press conference:

"Throughout our history in times of testing, Americans have come together in prayer to heal and ask for strength for the tasks ahead. So I've declared Friday, September the 16th, as a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. I ask that we pray -- as Americans have always prayed in times of trial -- with confidence in His purpose, with hope for a brighter future, and with the humility to ask God to keep us strong so that we can better serve our brothers and sisters in need."

I'm grateful that we have a President who is aware of the power of prayer and the need for our nation to pray. As the NPC we stand with the President on this. We have one week to mobilize the nation to prayer. Let's use this email system for the next few days to brainstorm ideas and possibilities. It may mean more emails than you normally receive from us, but it is for a limited time. My friends, this is what we do as America's National Prayer Committee. It is time to lay aside other matters and call our nation to prayer. Let's talk about practical and possible ways for us to do that.

Dave Butts, Chairman, America's National Prayer Committee

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