Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Prayer is drawing near to God through faith in quiet contemplation and with bold requests. Prayer is one of the six primary purposes of the church and should be fundamental to everything that happens in the church.

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26 Jul 2005 YWAM prayer stations take love of God to the streets
Thousands in cities all over the world accept the offer for free prayer.

28 Jun 2005 8,300 New Yorkers follow Christ after Graham crusade
"Every nation on earth is truly represented on the sidewalks of New York City."

09 May 2005 Christians worldwide called to 10 days of prayer
Global prayer event to air May 15 on Sky Angel.

03 May 2005 The Great Commission and the church growth movement
While the church growth movement may have been rooted in evangelism, that cause is no longer clear -- especially to opponents of church growth, who understand the movement only as its methodologies and as a push for numbers.

Church leaders should give more than lip service to prayer
Dr. Larry J. Michael tells us that church leaders today should follow C.H. Spurgeon’s lead when it comes to placing emphasis on prayer.

Dallas churches unite for May 15 Global Day of Prayer
Unified effort includes multichurch services and 90 days of volunteering in the community.

01 Mar 2005 Wichita serial killer's capture is answer to prayer
The Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association sponsored a prayer meeting to ask God for the capture of the “BTK."

25 Feb 2005 Prayer and fasting in store for Methodists in 2005
In 2005, Methodists worldwide are encouraged by the World Methodist Council to adopt the Wesleyan Pattern for Prayer and Fasting, which is also one of the major programs in the World Methodist Evangelism Emphasis 2004-2006.

15 Feb 2005 Barna finds churches' priorities vary widely for 2005
Churches vary widely on ministry focus for 2005.

15 Sep 2003 School officials urged not to interfere with student-initiated prayer

12 Sep 2003 Adults support student-led prayer movement on campuses

05 Sep 2003 Judge rules prayer mentioning Jesus is not allowed before city meetings

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