Friday, August 19, 2005

Narnia Movie Outreach Nationwide Prayer Conference Calls

Narnia Movie Outreach Nationwide Prayer Conference Calls

The Mission America Coalition has scheduled a series of prayer conference calls for the Narnia Movie Outreach that we are helping to facilitate. Patricia Allen who facilitates the Mission America Intercession Ministry will serve this process. The calls will last for 1 hour.

The Nationwide Prayer Conference Calls will include Narnia Movie Outreach updates from around the nation. The majority of the call time will be spent in prayer. All are welcome to participate in these conference calls.

To participate, call (712) 824-4000 and enter code 685272#. If you have questions contact the Narnia Outreach team.

Narnia Outreach Prayer Conference Call Schedule


8/23 at 11am AND 8pm CST

9/2 at 7am CST
9/8 at 4pm CST
9/13 at 12 noon AND 8pm CST
9/20 at 2pm CST
9/28 at 12noon CST

10/3 at 10am CST and 8pm CST
10/17 at 8am CST
10/25 at 2pm CST

11/3 at 10am AND 8pm CST
11/9 at 5pm CST
11/15 at 11am CST
11/21 at 2pm CST
11/30 at 10am CST

12/9 at 10am CST

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