Thursday, August 11, 2005

EQUIPPING: Old or New Testament Intercession?

On Friday night, August 5th, my "teleclass gift to you overflowed!

And we were blessed to have people from China, Australia, S. Africa and several other nations, plus almost every U.S. state! PTL! Perhaps you are one of those who were hoping to take the class. If so, there are still a few spots left for the "live repeat" of the class this Monday, August 15th, 7:00-8:00 pm Central Time.

[If you're unfamiliar with teleconferences, they are simply a phone call you make to a specific number. You enter a pin number that's provided for you, and you're "in the class." It's like a 3-way call, except there can be hundreds on the call, in the class.] I'll share with you from my newest (yet to be published) book "How to Be Heard in Heaven: Praying Prayers that Move God."

I will not be selling the book...or taking orders for it. I'm offering the information to you as a gift. You will hear some amazing revelations God has been showing me; revelations that will absolutely revolutionize your prayer life. For more information and to register go to:

Frankly you don't need a "rehash" of what you've heard or read in other books...even mine. What we've done in prayer hasn't proven as effective as we'd like it to have been. The bottom line is simple. If we are going to continue praying as we have to date, we cannot expect a different outcome in the future.
** Learn what Satan wants to prevent more than God answering your prayer.
** Discover how to graduate from problem-centered to purpose-driven prayer.
** See exactly what you can expect from Satan within moments of your greatest victories.
** You'll be shocked to learn why so few of our prayers are answered.
** I will show you how many of us, perhaps even you, unknowingly write "VOID" across the prayers we've prayed in faith.
** You'll learn the difference between Old Testament and New Testament intercession. Yes there is a difference, a huge difference. I've identified more than 50 differences. Why is this important? You are a New Testament intercessor. If you are still praying Old Covenant prayers you are severely limiting God's acivity in your circumstances!

One man told me, "I just figure if God can hear the prayer of a toddler, He can hear my prayer." I said, "Friend there's nothing more disappointing than a 47-year-old toddler!" I can talk to my wife Alice in "baby talk." She certainly understands what I'm saying. But I'm not showing her honor by doing that. God wants us to mature in prayer. You and I have more than 2,000 years of revelation, including the Scripture; plus the astounding accomplishments of Christ's death burial and resurrection, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in us--and more! It's time for us to learn what New Covenant prayer really looks like.

Remember, your only charge will be your long distance call (.5 cents a minute = approximately $3.00 for the entire class.) That's less than the cost of a cassette tape. And you are part of a world-wide classroomwithout leaving home! I'll see you this Monday night on the phone. Have your notebook, pen, and Bible handy. If you have a speaker-phone invite some friends over. Grab a bite to eat, then gather around the speaker. Your prayerlife is about to be revolutionized! Anticipating His Intervention in Every Area of My Life!

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